5 Ways to Use Video Advertising for Remodeling Companies

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Oct 31
There are plenty of ways on how your remodeling company can promote your brand, but the power of video cannot be overlooked. Video advertising is one of the excellent ways for businesses, including yours, to increase their exposure and engage your target audience. Because your website is your top source of new leads, your construction company will have a better edge over your competitors if you incorporate videos into your website.

When done and used appropriately, video advertising can be a powerful tool that can boost customer engagement and drive more traffic to your website. And YouTube does not have to be the only platform you need to use for your video advertising because there are still a lot more, just like Vimeo which is also another video sharing site.

You might have thought before that because you are a remodeler, you won’t need videos on your site, but you actually do. Video advertising can bring you many benefits. If you are not yet aware, videos are very influential when it comes to the customer’s purchasing decisions. It is also through videos that the traffic in your site increases by more than 50 percent. Studies have also found that people tend to stay longer on a website with videos incorporated in them. These are just a few of the many good reasons why you need to begin incorporating videos to your site. And if you want to learn how to use them for your own remodeling company, here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Use videos to engage your customers.

Apart from email marketing, another efficient way to increase your customer engagement is by making them a part of your videos. For example, you can do an interview with your customer who just recently hired you for a remodeling project. You can get to meet them and hear how happy and satisfied they are with the outcome. This can serve as your testimonials which is actually a good way from the typically written customer testimonials posted on the websites.

2. Use videos to show your company in action.

Instead of the usual photos that show your projects while they are still on work in progress, why don’t you take videos instead while these projects are being done? Your video can give your audience an insight on how your company does the job. It will provide them an idea how it will be like when they hire you as a construction company in the future. This is your chance to show off why your company excels and why you are the one they should trust. Also, don’t forget to incorporate a little bit of story in your video to make it more interesting and engaging.

And one more thing; in order to avoid making very lengthy videos, you can record the highlights of a specific project you want to feature in your site but divide your videos into segments. This way, your audience will not get tired of watching and at the same time, there is a sort of a sequence or story that will make them want to follow through.

3. Post before and after videos.

If you are not into recording videos while your projects are being done, you post before and after videos instead. This is similar to the before and after photos that many remodeling companies also post on their respective websites.

However, the beauty of posting videos is that you can walk your customer through the very highlights of your project. For example, you did a remodeling job for a kitchen. Well, you can show them the video of how it looked like before it was remodeled, and in your after video, you can focus on the parts of the remodeled kitchen that you want to highlight. You have a better chance of drawing your audience’s attention to the things that you think will further attract them.

4. Use videos to teach and explain some how to’s.

On your website, you may be featuring or talking about some DIY’s in your blogs and instead of writing them in your articles, it will be more interesting and engaging if you have them in your videos instead. How-to videos will be a better way of teaching and explain to your audience some DIYs. This type of content will be more useful and helpful for them. And at the same time, this is going to help you establish your remodeling company as a leader in your industry.

5. Bank on videos to share your industry expertise.

Videos are a good way to let people know of your knowledge in your industry, and it will be best if it is going to be a more detailed information. So for example, in the “About Me” page of your website, instead of written paragraphs about your company, it will be something different if you post a video instead. Make your video as if you are telling them a brief story or history of how your company started. You can also share some of your highlights and successes. Just make sure your video is not very long. Focus on the most critical points and the things that you think your audience will be interested to know when they are looking for a construction company to hire for their future house projects.

These are just but some of the few ways on how you can leverage on video advertising for your remodeling company and you are not limited to these because you can explore some more. You also don’t have to worry because making videos do not have to be costly so you don’t even have to think about your budget. The important thing is that by now, you know and understand that you actually have this powerful tool which you need to use to your advantage. It is something you can use to keep people to get interested in your company and keep them from getting bored from the same type or forms of content they see on your website.


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