How To Market Your Last Remodeling Project With These Simple Ideas

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Oct 06
Marketing Remodeling Project

Use These Simple Marketing Ideas To Showcase Your Remodeling Projects

As a contractor, you employ marketing efforts to ensure that your business continuously generates leads and convert them into sales. However, not all techniques and strategies you incorporate in your marketing plan produce impressive results. If this is what’s happening now, perhaps it is about time that you try something new. If the same old tactics do not work anymore or they do not necessarily translate to your desired results, then you need to change certain things. Quoting from Thomas Jefferson “If you want something you have never had, you must do something you have never done.”

It may be easier said than done but you may need to start with some small changes first. You do not really have to do an overhaul in your marketing plan in a snap of a finger. For example, you may want to change how you showcase your latest remodeling project. Instead of doing the same old routine you do to market them, why don’t you try a different and fresh approach and see how it works for your business.

Here are some marketing ideas to help you showcase your recent remodeling projects.

1. Use videos to showcase your last remodeling project.

The use of videos in digital marketing is increasing each day. While blogs and articles are still very effective to drive website traffic, videos are an excellent way to keep your audience engaged. For your remodeling projects, it will be great if you roll the cameras and post video testimonials of your clients who were very satisfied with your company. It is essential to make the segments as brief as possible; a minute or two will do. You don’t want to lengthen these video testimonials because your audience may not just finish watching it. Make sure to make it sound casual, and fun and interesting at the same time. Also, don’t forget to include your contact information so that viewers can take note of them.

These videos should not only be posted on your site. It will be a lot better if you have them posted on your social media accounts, especially Facebook where there are 1 billion of active users daily. You just can’t miss this chance to be seen and get more exposure for your remodeling business so make sure to share them on Facebook, too.

2. Make a time-lapse portfolio of your remodeling projects.

Most of the remodeling companies post the before and after photos of their projects. While this can still be done and it can be effective for some, it will be a lot better and be engaging if you create a time-lapse portfolio of your remodeling project. Time-lapse videos are entertaining to watch because it allows the viewers to see how the entire project was finished without taking so much of their time. It gives your potential clients a better visibility and understanding of the processes involved in the remodeling project.

3. Leverage on Instagram.

Instagram is another popular social media platform for sharing videos and photos. So aside from the video testimonials and time-lapse video you will be creating, Instagram is a good place for you to showcase your remodeling platform through attractive and stunning photos. Users in Instagram are easily captivated by photos that are well taken. So when you take before and after photos of your remodeling project, make sure that you are using a high-end camera and not a simple mobile camera phone with poor resolution. What you are posting may just be photos but that is why you need to make sure they are high-quality images.

When posting photos for potential clients, it will help if you gravitate towards pops of color because it easily catches the eyes of the viewers. Bright colors are more attractive and are engaging so choose the ones that are more saturated than dull.

You can also use Instagram to direct your audience to your website by posting your site URL in your bio page which you can find at the top of your profile. Or better yet, put there the direct link to your remodeling projects page as you can just have it changed as frequently as you like.

4. Gather feedback from your clients after the project is finished.

To further promote your recently finished remodeling project, you can get your clients to share how satisfied they are with their remodeled kitchen, living room, bedroom, and so on. Ask them how it has changed or has taken their lifestyle to a whole new level. The goal here is for you to make your readers know and understand that remodeling a house or some areas of the house is not only meant to make it look more appealing or more beautiful. Rather, remodeling is done to make living more enjoyable, convenient and comfortable to a family.

5. Pay to promote only your best projects.

You may already be allocating a huge chunk of your marketing budget to your other strategies, but you may want to consider spending a little to promote your best projects. For example, you can advertise using Facebook ads so that you can get more exposure for your remodeling projects and your brand as a whole. You cannot just let that rockstar project get forgotten and fade away. By doing this, it’s like you are giving a second shot to one of your project highlights.

If you have been noticing that the marketing efforts you put into your business are not generating the results you desire, there is no better time to do something about it than now. You just can’t keep on doing the same things if you want to see improvement and progress in your business. You must be brave to try out something new because who knows, these changes are all that you need to help you take your marketing to a whole new level. Take tiny but specific steps so that you can move towards the success you have always wanted to achieve.


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