Home Remodeling Marketing Strategy: 7 Things You Should Try

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Nov 13
Home remodeling marketing strategy
Home remodeling marketing strategy doesn’t have to be difficult to implement, but you should always experiment to see what is working for your particular company. Marketing is the lifeblood of any business. Without marketing, you will not be able to gather prospects, leads, appointments and projects. And now that home remodeling business is very competitive, it is only imperative that you come up with strategies that will catch the attention of your target customers. However, the truth is that many home remodeling companies do not fully understand even the basic marketing concepts; that is why they fail to use the right methods and tools to get the word out to their potential clients. With the use of the correct marketing strategies, it will be easier for you to establish connections with your target customers and be able to highlight your best services to attract quality leads and grow your business.

So here are a few best practices you should try in your home remodeling marketing strategy:

1. Establishing your presence in various channels.

Having an online presence on different social media channels is crucial to increase awareness about your business. However, if you want to experience real results, you need to be smart in choosing home improvement friendly social media sites. Not all platforms or channels are actually appropriate for use in your industry. As a home remodeling company, one of the best platforms that you need to use and you cannot miss is Pinterest.

Pinterest may not be applicable to other business industries, but it is just perfect for yours. Here you can feature your recent work and share the behind-the-scenes of your major projects. And you can also do this on Facebook and Instagram. When you utilize at least two social media accounts, you will be able to make a bigger impact and increase your chance of capturing the attention of your audience without having to invest a lot of time and money. You just have to make sure that you are regularly updating your profiles because you are providing more venues or outlets for your potential clients to connect with your business.

2. Leveraging communication and networking.

When you maximize the use of social media, you are developing conversations with your audience that form closer connections and relationships. And to further nurture these relationships, you need to develop and implement a two-way communication plan. A two-way communication plan means that you are not the only one who participates in the conversation but you need to encourage and engage your audience, too. Instead of lecturing them about your company and the services you deliver, you should encourage two-way conversations. You can do this by asking them open-ended questions or you can post polls. You can also ask them to share their feedback to get them to interact.

Aside from connecting with your customers, you can also use social media to network with other professionals in your industry. When you collaborate and establish a bigger network, you are creating more opportunities for marketing your business. For example, a more extensive range of network means more referrals to your home remodeling company which means higher possibility of getting more new clients.

3. Showcase whatever is trending.

People are fond of following everything that is trending. And if you think you can’t apply it to your business, well you can! An excellent way of making your home remodeling company relevant is by keeping yourself updated of what is trending and offer it to your audience. This will help you get ahead of your game. So for example, television programs feature a certain kind of design for the living which is slowly becoming a fad in many households. Of course, your company should not get left behind and make sure that you also showcase this design in one of your major projects. The ultimate goal is that you are keeping in touch with what appeals to your audience.

4. Be relevant.

Relevance is crucial to any business because, without it, your home remodeling marketing plans will all be useless. To make your marketing relevant, it should be tied up or associated with something that is currently happening right now. For example, you check on the recent news or updates about your remodeling industry and use the information on how you can promote remodeling instead of selling properties. You can even use environmental information to educate your readers about environment-friendly materials when they do their own remodeling project or use the climate change to further encourage people to consider remodeling for better energy conservation. There are endless possibilities and all you need to do is to explore them. The most important thing is that you deliver valuable information to your customers and even potential clients and this can be done through your blogs and other content that you post on your website and social media accounts.

5. Bank on customer reviews and testimonials.

If you are in the mall and looking for some household products, do you immediately know what to buy? There are tons of choices out there and it can be quite a challenge to make the right choice. So how do you choose from a wide range of selection? You ask people around. It is the same thing when people look for home remodeling companies to hire. They look for the companies in Google and in just one click, the internet will show you more results that you ever need. So how the customer will try to narrow down the selection is the customer reviews. Customer reviews are important because they want to make sure that if they are going to spend their money, they will be spending it on a company that will be able to deliver and exceed, if not meet their expectations.

If you are confident that your company can provide your customers a top-notch and quality home remodeling services, let them know by gathering your customers’ feedback and posting them online both on your website and on your social media accounts. When you do this, you are not just going to be any company that exists in a sea of options but you will be someone who will stand out with the help of impressive reviews.

6. Understanding the changing needs of your customers.

One thing you should take note of when it comes to home remodeling projects is that they change throughout the year. The remodeling needs of the customer during summer may not be the same when fall or winter arrives. And this is one of the most important considerations you should take when marketing your business. The point is some marketing strategies you are employing may not be perennial. Some tactics may have to be modified or tweaked a little bit in order to suit what your customers are looking for. You need to be prepared for the changing needs of your potential customers, and you can keep up with them through your online presence. Use your website and social networks and make sure that they are updated with the information of the services you offer according to the seasonal changes. With just a few clicks on your website, you can have it updated with the most appropriate services for the particular season. This way, you will not be left behind and you can just keep the money rolling in for your company.

7. Show off your stellar work.

Whenever you finish a job, you can send emails to your email list or even direct mails to your prospects near the job site. This is an excellent opportunity for you to show off your amazing work in a finished state. Then do a marketing follow up a few times within a 4 to 6 months time frame. You may not see how this can help you at the moment but what you don’t realize is that there are times when it really has to take multiple touches before you can get a prospect to commit. You can even try to get in touch with your former clients because they might need your services again anytime soon and it is a good way to remind them that you are more than glad to be of service when it comes to remodeling their home.

With so many marketing options you can use for your home remodeling company, it can be quite tricky to really choose what strategies to use or even determine where to start. This has become even more challenging because it is not business as usual with the home improvement industry. It requires due diligence in every single marketing campaign to reach the right audience and eventually increase conversion rates. Advertising platforms must be effectively utilized to achieve the target results just like the online tools, your website, social media networks and a lot more. However, it is also important that you spend time for local or offline advertising and marketing just like networking and direct mail. The most important thing here is that you incorporate these ideas into your existing ones and make a few changes to suit your marketing goals.

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