Construction Company Advertising: 11 Things You’re Forgetting To Do

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Sep 20
Construction Company Advertising Ideas

Construction Company Advertising: What You Need To Remember

Are you too busy working on your remodeling jobs that you don’t have time to think of any creative construction advertising ideas?

Marketing and advertising your construction business are critical to sustaining the long-term growth of your company. And in the construction industry, there are plenty of opportunities for you to market your business. However, for a growing business like yours, you might find it difficult to find time to build relationships with new and potential clients because everything that’s already on your plate.

Marketing has its unique challenges, but when you know how to play it smart, there are a bunch of ways on how you can effectively reach out to as many potential clients as possible without spending so much time and energy. You may have even encountered these marketing tactics before but just failed to pay attention to them.

Here are some of the construction advertising ideas you may need to revisit to step up your game in marketing your business:

1. Maintaining consistent online presence.

Many of the construction companies today have put up their website to establish an online presence. However, the work does not stop there. If you also have your own site, it is not enough that you have it for the sake of having one. The very purpose of your site is to establish your brand as a construction business. You need to be recognized as a leader in your industry, and you can do it by developing content and posting blogs around your niche. You don’t have to produce a lot of content, but just make sure they are quality articles. To make them more engaging, you can add images and videos, as well. If you think it is a lot of work to do, you can also consider outsourcing the job.

2. Maintaining relationships with email marketing.

Email marketing may also be one more thing that you do not pay a lot of attention to, but this is one of the most useful tools to attract new customers. It is also an excellent way to take care of your relationships with your existing clients. You can continue to send informational and useful articles to your current clients, or the prospects who have already shown interest in your business. Remind them what you can do for them, and you’ll start generating leads in no time.

3. Effectively managing your social media presence.

Like your website, your social media accounts also have to be updated. You need to make sure there is fresh content which is regularly posted. Your social media accounts should also be responsive and active especially when there are potential clients who are trying to reach your construction company. Use these channels to their full potential. Be actively engaged with your followers and use your account to showcase your projects.

4. Partnering with other construction companies.

Having joint projects with other companies in your industry is one great way to market your business, and it does not even cost money. You can get easy access to a new group of potential customers simply by teaming up with another company for a project.

5. Engaging in local community and partner with charities.

There are plenty of charities who are looking for construction companies who can help them materialize their projects like fixing homes or building shelters for those who were affected by disasters or calamities. By participating in these activities, you are not only promoting your business but you are also leaving a good impression about your company.

6. Facebook advertising.

If you have not tried Facebook Ads just yet, now is the best time for you to do it. With Facebook ads, you can target your advertising to a specific set of an audience; you can lead them back to your website; you can generate more leads, and it is customizable and is inexpensive.

7. Soliciting customer feedback and reviews.

Don’t underestimate the power of your customer’s feedback because word of mouth remains to be one of the most effective marketing strategies and it can still work wonders for your construction company too. As a construction business, most of your projects are time-consuming and are expensive. Therefore, customers will want to make sure that they only entrust their needs to those who can do the job well.

8. Donating leftover materials from your previous projects.

You may not have realized it but donating some of your leftover materials can be a way to promote your business. Why? Because you can get more opportunities for public relations, so if you have ordered the materials you can’t use or you have a lot of excesses, instead of removing them, make use of them for a good cause and for advertising your construction company at the same time.

9. Developing a customer referral program.

Like previously mentioned, word of mouth is still a very handy marketing tool, which is why you should also reconsider having customer referral program as a part of your marketing plan. This should be very easy. For every referral of your existing customer, they get freebies or discounted deals with their next project with you. By doing this, your customers will go an extra mile to spread

10. Grabbing every opportunity for networking.

Networking does not necessarily mean you need to hold an event because there are so many simple ways by which you can establish your network and you can do it every day. For example, when you go out for lunch, invite someone who is outside of your company and use this opportunity to talk about what you can give this person as a company; what you can offer them as far as your construction business is concerned.

11. Recording the progress of your projects through images and videos.

While great results can be auspicious for your construction company, it will be useful for your marketing if you record the progress of each of your projects through images and videos. Today, videos recorded using time-lapse especially for a construction project have gone viral, because people get to see the making of a structure. And you can do it, too, and you can have it posted on your website as well as your social media accounts.

Strengthening your marketing plan for your construction company does not have to be costly or time-consuming. There are so many simple things you can do to market your business without you even realizing it. You just have to revisit them and see how you can do them better so you can continue making a difference for your business.

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