Demand Generation

Social Media Marketing

What is the biggest source of new members to your business?

Chances are you answered referrals.

When asking your clients “How did you hear about us?” they often said: “My friend/mom recommended you!”

However, today people seek referrals mostly from their social networks. They use social media to research and get recommendations on who to hire. They trust their social circles.

How do you become visible to their social circles?

Well, many things need to happen to ensure that their social networks mention your business when that question comes up.

What No Joke Marketing can help is making sure that your social media presence stays relevant and engaging. We setup and maintain a presence wherever prospective clients are whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, or LinkedIn: we find where they are and keep them engaged by posting helpful and relevant content.

Paid Traffic

Would you like to see results more quickly? More calls, more clients, and a bigger bottom line?

The fastest way to drive results is to leverage paid traffic. This means being #1 for any Google keyword search and appearing consistently in your clients’ social media news feed daily. There are huge opportunities right now with paid traffic due to laser targeting. How would you like to target someone who is renovating a new home with an ad for your washroom, kitchen, or bedroom remodeling services? What about targeting developers with your installation services? There is gold to be mined with paid traffic.

Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

What do you typically do when you want to search for something?

You Google it or ask Siri. So, if a potential client is sitting in front of a computer and is looking to hire a professional contractor, then it is important that your name comes up at the top of a search engine.To get there, you need search engine optimization (SEO). With the algorithm factors changing so often, it is difficult for you to think about all these details.You need to be at the top, and we can help you get there.

Local Listings

Whether your business has one or dozens of locations, having an accurate map listing is essential. Today people like to get their answers faster than ever. If it takes time for them to find your address or phone number, they will give up faster than you think. There are over 350 different apps that allow show map listings, hours of operation, and services, all which need to be set up and managed monthly, the most notable being Google maps. In addition to having a stellar map listing, this is the place we will leverage to drive local reviews that rave about your contracting business.

Content Marketing

Businesses often have a secret weapon that they don't leverage enough; their story. Yes, we know you are community-driven and a skilled contractor, but share more. Talk about all the people you help, talk about people serving people, talk about how your services are exceptional from anyone else’s. Your story is very powerful and should be the cornerstone of your content strategy. So, what comes next? We will work with you to develop and execute a full-blown educational content strategy. We will make sure that your business is putting out more helpful, engaging, and thought-provoking content than ever before. This content will drive new clients, new attention, and more services being sold because your prospective clients will feel more close to your business.

Direct Mail

With the rise of all things online marketing, a unique opportunity has presented itself in the direct mail space; lower investments to get in. While the old way of driving new clients from direct mail has been long gone, the new way of direct mail is showing fantastic results for remodelers. This form of direct-mail marketing is called PURL or personalized URL. It bridges online marketing with offline marketing driving the prospect to a unique URL with their name on the postcard or direct mail piece. Quite a unique of approaching your customers!


As a local business with a great story to tell, there are two components to PR that No Joke Marketing helps with.First, we track trending stories that you could attach yourself to. Second, we track the key events in your community and reach out when we have something news or noteworthy. For example, a charity event you are sponsoring, some good deeds you are spreading, or something fun going on at your headquarters. The right PR can give your business great exposure and attention.

Other Demand Generation Tactics:

There are over 300 different marketing tactics that we have in our arsenal. We pair the right tactics with your contracting business based on your goals, size, and objectives. Some of the other tactics that have helped our professional contractor clients are:

  1. Email marketing and email automation. Every business we have worked with has an email database. We go in and craft high converting messages on a regular basis.
  2. Mobile marketing. The mobile trend is the fastest growing trend on the planet. We can setup and manage all your mobile marketing campaigns driving results in real time.
  3. Direct response advertising. Many of our skilled trades clients place ads in local papers, magazines, TV ads, radio ads, and even billboards. We can manage those campaigns from A to Z and make sure your marketing dollars are getting invested in the right place.