How To Get More Testimonials For Remodelers

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Oct 30
Client Testimonials For Remodelers

Get More Client Testimonials With Review Funnel

Client testimonials are the best way to show your prospects why they should choose your remodeling company. You certainly work extremely hard in order to attract more clients and keep the business coming in. Day in and day out, you will do everything to make sure that you get the word out to the world about your fantastic services. However, there are times when you feel like you have done more than enough and yet, you get so little in return.

Even if you have been so aggressive in your marketing efforts, sometimes, it won’t be enough to increase your traffic and conversion rate. This is where social proof comes in. Social proof or your client testimonials remain to be one of the most effective and powerful tools that you need to use in your marketing because they can establish client’s trust, strengthen your brand and boost your sales.

However, many businesses think these testimonials and reviews are something that clients do for the company, or they believe that they do not have any control over what their clients will say about their business. If you have the same mentality and think that you are powerless, then you are wrong. The truth is that you actually have the ability to utilize these reviews to a marketing tool.

If you don’t know where to begin, here are some helpful steps on how you can integrate an effective review funnel to your site to overcome the challenges of getting good reviews from your satisfied clients.

1. Drive your clients to a convenient online destination.

When you engage clients to provide a review for your remodeling company and the services you have provided, you need to direct them to a place where it will be easier for them to do the review, somewhere where there are a few distractions and make the review completion a lot easier. If you put it on your website, that is going to be perfectly okay but make sure that you get rid of all the other CTA’s or call to action.

On the page, you should provide the client the links that direct them to where they can leave the review. Remember, most clients hate being asked to create a login or sign up just to make the review so make sure that you are making it easier for them to select a review site. If you have an option for Facebook, then put in there a button that allows them to log in using their Facebook account.

2. Be strategic on how you will reach out to clients.

One of the challenges that many companies face is the fact that they find it difficult to convince their clients to leave an online testimonial. However, what’s happening is that they only keep on wishing for online reviews to appear on the site but they are not proactively seeking feedback from their clients.

As a business, you need to make a request for your clients to provide a review for you on your site. In fact, a study has found that more than 50 percent of clients would share testimonials about a company only if they were asked. So now that you know, you can already devise a plan on how you will reach out to your clients so that they can give you the reviews you need.

3. Make sure the review page is mobile friendly.

Today, most people who are accessing the internet are using their mobile or smart devices. So if you want your clients to express how satisfied they are with your remodeling project, make sure that the review page can be easily accessed even without the computer or laptop and that they can share their testimonial with their mobile phone so make sure that your page is available in this format.

4. Offer enough options but don’t overdo it.

It will be better if your clients are given a number of choices for the review sites. However, make sure that there aren’t too many options as well. You can show them a few and you can also emphasize the current ones that are most important to your company.

5. Provide education.

It will be helpful if you provide a brief education on your site for your clients to be guided when doing a review. Just provide simple instructions about the process for each site available so that they will know what to do and what to expect.

6. Find a way to direct the clients away from the review funnel.

Not all will have the best things to say about your remodeling services. There will be those who were not very satisfied that would share their thoughts and feedback. So before it even gets posted on your review sites, find a way to get these types of clients out of the funnel and lead them to other avenues where they can air out their complaints. For example, you can lead them to a private forum or give them the option or a prompt to contact your company directly.

Integrating reviews in your business does not have to be difficult. If you are a beginner, there are many tools available online for your use. There are also some third-party review sites you can check and try at the moment while you are starting out just so you can get a social proof as early as now. Just remember that these reviews and testimonials weigh heavier now because this is how clients are judging your business and it has a lot to do with the existing feedback given to you by your previous clients.

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