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Sep 25

How To Advertise Construction Company For Beginners

By JNFA10Cs5gHZrlaELABDY0uEh | Paid Advertising

How To Advertise Construction Company For Beginners

Anyone who is in the construction industry would agree that it is a tedious business to manage because of all the work you need to handle, tough schedules and tight deadlines. Because of this, there are many things you may tend to forget or overlook – just like advertising your business. When it comes to marketing and making sure that you put your construction company out there, you would want to ensure that you see results as quickly as possible, and for small and big construction businesses alike, one of the easiest ways to do it is through the internet and the social media.

If you are not really that familiar with digital marketing just yet, there are channels that you can use to make advertising easy, like Facebook and Google Adwords. These two are excellent places where you can start if you want to build your name on the internet world at a very low cost. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Facebook Advertising for Construction Companies

Today, Facebook is not just a social media platform used by people to post videos, images and chat with friends; it has also been a handy tool for many businesses. You can create a page on Facebook for your construction company so that you have a place for posting recent industry news, company news and you can share your blogs and web content here, too. You can maximize Facebook so that it is easier for your clients and potential clients to get in touch with you.

Aside from the page, you can also bank on Facebook Advertising wherein you will have the option to advertise your construction company while targeting a particular set of audience. What’s nice about Facebook advertising is the fact that you can choose and customize the type of audience that can see your ads based on their location, age, gender, etc. It is also effortless and straightforward to do. In Facebook, there is an “Ad Manager” that will allow you create your own campaign. You can start creating your campaign by choosing your objective for your ad. For example, you want your ad to redirect your audience to your website, or you want it to collect leads for your business, or ads that will directly boost your post.

After you choose the objective, you get to set the type of ads you will have if you are advertising your page, your event or your website; and then you can proceed to customize your audience, choose a budget and set an image. Facebook ads are very affordable as it usually starts at $20 on a daily basis. But of course, if you want a larger reach for your ads, you may also want to increase your daily budget.

Google Adwords for Construction Companies

Another effective way to reach new customers in online advertising is with the help of Google Adwords. In Google Adwords, you get to choose two major networks when targeting your audience – the search network and the display network. The search network which is also referred to as the pay-per-click advertising means that as an advertiser, you need to bid on the keywords relevant to your construction company and your ads will display on the screens of those who type in your keywords when they do a Google search.

On the other hand, display network means that your ads will be displayed in banner-style ads on the websites which are included in the Display Network. However, most advertisers would mostly use the search network which they also refer to as “Adwords”.

If you want to give this a try, here are the basic steps you need to follow.

1. Define your goals.

Before you even start with your Google Adwords, you need to determine what purpose you want it to serve your construction company. Do you need it to establish your brand? Or generate leads? And so on.

2. Set up your account.

To be able to start advertising on Google Adwords, you need to have an account setup. It should just be very easy as you can opt to use your existing Google account or you can create a new one which you can exclusively use for Google Adwords. You will have to customize some basic settings like location and time zone and enter your billing details.

3. Identify your target audience.

Determining your audience will help you create the most appropriate ads for your potential clients. You need to know what your target customers are doing, the devices they are using, the time they usually do their searches, etc.

4. Do an effective keyword research.

Keyword research is one of the most important steps you need to pay attention to because the keywords you bid on will enable your ads to appear in the search results once people search for the words or phrases that are relevant to your business. To do an effective keyword search, you need to identify the topics related to your construction company and think of the most common words and phrases that you think people will be typing in the search engine. There are also some online tools that can make your keyword research easier so you may also want to check on them. Even Google has its own Google Adwords Keyword Planner which you can use as long as you have an Adwords account.

5. Create your ads.

When creating your ads, you need to make sure that it starts with a compelling headline and that it includes the keywords you bid on. It also has to be very informative and appealing to your target audience so that it gets more clicks.

6. Make great landing pages.

Your landing page is the make or break place because this is the point where conversion either happens or don’t happen. To make an excellent landing page, you need to make sure that you highlight the benefits that your customers can get for choosing your construction company. Don’t just keep on talking about what services you offer because other companies may also offer the same. Also, utilize high-quality images and have a clear call to action. Lastly, make sure that your landing page also has a mobile version.

Advertising your construction company on social media platforms and the internet does not have to be that hard or tedious because there are very easy and inexpensive tools that you can use to make advertising easy. All you need to do is be familiar with them and you will only have to spend a few minutes of your time each day to market your company online.  
Blog posts
Sep 22

Blog For Remodeling Company: 5 Cliches You Need To Avoid

By JNFA10Cs5gHZrlaELABDY0uEh | Content Marketing

5 Cliches You Need To Avoid In Your Blog For Remodeling Company

If you’ve been writing blog posts for your remodeling company for a while or you’re just starting out, there are some details you might want to avoid if you don’t want to drive customers away.

You probably know already that blogs are one of the most important pieces of a website. Blogs can drive SEO results, and they can produce results faster than other pages on your website. However, if you’ve been blogging for a while but still don’t see the desired results despite your digital marketing efforts, there might be something wrong with how you create your content.

The most common mistake arises naturally only because the lack of time doesn’t allow you to be creative. Read on to learn how not to drive your target audience away from your blog posts.

Ready to take your blog to the next level? Here are some useful tips to avoid:

1. Don’t use the same question over again to catch reader’s attention.

We’ve read numerous blog posts by different remodeling companies that all start with the same question: “Are you thinking of having your living room remodeled?” or “Are you considering renovating your bathroom?”

First of all, this is not a bad question, but seriously, stop selling from the first sentence!

If your readers are not yet ready to buy, they might just close the page, they will not be interested in what you have to say. You have to get to know your target audience in order to create content that speaks directly to them.

If you use these types of questions, make sure that you are promoting these posts to the right people; the people who have already expressed desire in remodeling their kitchens or bathrooms.

It all boils down to knowing who your audience is before you even decide and start writing about a topic. In creating compelling and engaging content.

Always ask yourself: “What would my customers like to learn? How can I help them?”

2. Don’t use the same information to promote the importance of remodeling.

We all know that home improvements increase the value of your house, give me something new to learn!

Talk about the same thing, but approach it from different angles. Maybe you want to mention all the other benefits that the person will have – what if they are not even thinking about remodeling their house so that they will sell it? What if they are remodeling their home to age in place? How would you help them then? What information do you think they would need to hear in this case?

What you can do is highlight the benefits of hiring your company to do the job for them; highlight how the home improvement project can make their lifestyle easy, convenient and stress-free with your help.

The number one goal of every blog is to educate, not sell. Remember that! Once you’ve established yourself as an expert in your reader’s eyes, they will be more than happy to work on a project with you.

3. Don’t use blog posts to promote your company’s history.

This is not the best place to make it about yourself. Stories about your company are even not meant for the about us page. Your story is important to your audience only in terms how what you did in the past reflects on what you know at present and how it helps them.

Remember: always put your readers in the center!

You don’t really have to say here is what we did in the past, but instead, try a different approach. Tell your prospects here is how you can do this or that improvement yourself, here is a useful piece of advice on improving your living conditions right now, etc. Why? Because if they read between the lines, you are telling them actually – here is what we know and how we can help you.

4. Don’t use lengthy videos to showcase testimonials from happy customers.

Nobody will watch it, seriously. Nobody. We saw testimonial video which lasts about 9 minutes. Nine whole minutes. We didn’t watch it.

We don’t really have to add anything here, it’s self-explanatory.

But, we will leave you with a quick tip: use other areas of your website or local listings where happy customers will leave short testimonials – people like to go through this. After all, your business thrives on referrals.

5. Don’t use just any customer question to answer on your blog.

This one is actually a great way of developing content ideas. However, be extra careful: your customers will ask you all sorts of questions, but be sure to answer those that are most common and that makes sense.

If a customer asked you a question that really relates to their particular case, you will probably be wasting time going and answering them for everyone to see.

If everything else fails, you can always use websites like Quora to quickly check questions people ask about remodeling.

In the end, stay true to your company’s values and talk about the topics you know the best. This will be visible in your blog posts and readers will appreciate it.

Aim to establish credibility and position yourself as a go-to source of information for your prospects.

From time to time, discuss current and latest trends in your industry so that your audience sees you as a trusted source of industry information who keeps up with what they need and want to learn.

Finally, remember, blogging is a very important component of your digital marketing strategy, and though it may not be as easy as we thought it would be, paying more attention to how you can improve your company’s blogs may just be what you need to see the results you’ve always wanted to see in your company.

Construction Company Advertising Ideas
Sep 20

Construction Company Advertising: 11 Things You’re Forgetting To Do

By JNFA10Cs5gHZrlaELABDY0uEh | Marketing Plan

Construction Company Advertising: What You Need To Remember

Are you too busy working on your remodeling jobs that you don’t have time to think of any creative construction advertising ideas?

Marketing and advertising your construction business are critical to sustaining the long-term growth of your company. And in the construction industry, there are plenty of opportunities for you to market your business. However, for a growing business like yours, you might find it difficult to find time to build relationships with new and potential clients because everything that’s already on your plate.

Marketing has its unique challenges, but when you know how to play it smart, there are a bunch of ways on how you can effectively reach out to as many potential clients as possible without spending so much time and energy. You may have even encountered these marketing tactics before but just failed to pay attention to them.

Here are some of the construction advertising ideas you may need to revisit to step up your game in marketing your business:

1. Maintaining consistent online presence.

Many of the construction companies today have put up their website to establish an online presence. However, the work does not stop there. If you also have your own site, it is not enough that you have it for the sake of having one. The very purpose of your site is to establish your brand as a construction business. You need to be recognized as a leader in your industry, and you can do it by developing content and posting blogs around your niche. You don’t have to produce a lot of content, but just make sure they are quality articles. To make them more engaging, you can add images and videos, as well. If you think it is a lot of work to do, you can also consider outsourcing the job.

2. Maintaining relationships with email marketing.

Email marketing may also be one more thing that you do not pay a lot of attention to, but this is one of the most useful tools to attract new customers. It is also an excellent way to take care of your relationships with your existing clients. You can continue to send informational and useful articles to your current clients, or the prospects who have already shown interest in your business. Remind them what you can do for them, and you’ll start generating leads in no time.

3. Effectively managing your social media presence.

Like your website, your social media accounts also have to be updated. You need to make sure there is fresh content which is regularly posted. Your social media accounts should also be responsive and active especially when there are potential clients who are trying to reach your construction company. Use these channels to their full potential. Be actively engaged with your followers and use your account to showcase your projects.

4. Partnering with other construction companies.

Having joint projects with other companies in your industry is one great way to market your business, and it does not even cost money. You can get easy access to a new group of potential customers simply by teaming up with another company for a project.

5. Engaging in local community and partner with charities.

There are plenty of charities who are looking for construction companies who can help them materialize their projects like fixing homes or building shelters for those who were affected by disasters or calamities. By participating in these activities, you are not only promoting your business but you are also leaving a good impression about your company.

6. Facebook advertising.

If you have not tried Facebook Ads just yet, now is the best time for you to do it. With Facebook ads, you can target your advertising to a specific set of an audience; you can lead them back to your website; you can generate more leads, and it is customizable and is inexpensive.

7. Soliciting customer feedback and reviews.

Don’t underestimate the power of your customer’s feedback because word of mouth remains to be one of the most effective marketing strategies and it can still work wonders for your construction company too. As a construction business, most of your projects are time-consuming and are expensive. Therefore, customers will want to make sure that they only entrust their needs to those who can do the job well.

8. Donating leftover materials from your previous projects.

You may not have realized it but donating some of your leftover materials can be a way to promote your business. Why? Because you can get more opportunities for public relations, so if you have ordered the materials you can’t use or you have a lot of excesses, instead of removing them, make use of them for a good cause and for advertising your construction company at the same time.

9. Developing a customer referral program.

Like previously mentioned, word of mouth is still a very handy marketing tool, which is why you should also reconsider having customer referral program as a part of your marketing plan. This should be very easy. For every referral of your existing customer, they get freebies or discounted deals with their next project with you. By doing this, your customers will go an extra mile to spread

10. Grabbing every opportunity for networking.

Networking does not necessarily mean you need to hold an event because there are so many simple ways by which you can establish your network and you can do it every day. For example, when you go out for lunch, invite someone who is outside of your company and use this opportunity to talk about what you can give this person as a company; what you can offer them as far as your construction business is concerned.

11. Recording the progress of your projects through images and videos.

While great results can be auspicious for your construction company, it will be useful for your marketing if you record the progress of each of your projects through images and videos. Today, videos recorded using time-lapse especially for a construction project have gone viral, because people get to see the making of a structure. And you can do it, too, and you can have it posted on your website as well as your social media accounts.

Strengthening your marketing plan for your construction company does not have to be costly or time-consuming. There are so many simple things you can do to market your business without you even realizing it. You just have to revisit them and see how you can do them better so you can continue making a difference for your business.
Facebook advertising construction companies
Sep 18

How To Generate Leads With Facebook Advertising

By JNFA10Cs5gHZrlaELABDY0uEh | Social Media

How To Generate Leads With Facebook Advertising

If you are a remodeling company who is responsible for delivering a service at a customer’s home, you would want to make sure that you get as many clients as possible to keep your business running. However, many of the remodeling companies today are still stuck with traditional and local advertising, and even if you want to take your marketing to the next level, you may still feel challenged with finding the right approach to digital marketing. In this case, you can turn to Facebook advertising as an efficient platform so that you can get the results you need and want for your construction company. You don’t necessarily need to have all the knowledge about marketing or have a lot of marketing ideas, because you can still be successful at growing your business so long as you have the right tools and you have a bit of guidance. Online advertising using social media channels has already become an essential part of a comprehensive marketing plan, and that’s all because of the consistent rise in popularity of the internet. Therefore, Facebook advertising might just be the best way for you to reach out to your potential customers and get your company in front of them. Here’s a guide to get your business started with Facebook Ads, so you’ll learn everything you need to know about presenting your business on Facebook.

What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook has been a viral social media site for image and video sharing, posting status, chatting with friends and a lot more; but there’s more to it than just these things. Facebook is also an excellent place to generate more leads and increase the revenue for your business at a very affordable cost. Here you may target your ads to a particular set of audience, and you can also customize your ad to make sure that it is extremely handy. You just need to make sure that everything is setup correctly to see the desired results. There are different types of Facebook advertising that you can choose from and here are some ways you can benefit from them:

1. Promote your website with Facebook advertising.

These ads will be your best option if your goal is to increase your website visits or page views. You will have to designate a website page where you want to lead your potential customer. You can send them to your homepage, to your service page, your contact page, promotions page or landing page.

2. Increase conversions on your website with Facebook advertising.

This type of ad will still be leading potential leads to your site, but the difference is that you are encouraging the potential customers to fill out a form or sign up for a subscription. Gathering this information will help you do a followup with them.

3. Collect leads for your business with Facebook ads.

As a remodeling company, one of the most important ad you can use is the one that will collect leads because you need to reach out to them and connect with them. There are buttons that you are more likely going to use as a contractor like a Signup, Get Quote, Download and Learn More. These options let you collect information from the potential customers, but you can customize the questions depending on your target audience.

4. Reach people near you.

Facebook also has localization ads which can be useful if your target clients are the ones who are near your business. You may set your address, as well as the radius around this address.

5. Boost your posts with Facebook advertising.

You should not be confused between boosting or promoting posts and Facebook advertising. Boosting posts may not be your top option as a remodeling company, but it can be helpful when it comes to driving engagement as a new Facebook page, promoting a blog you have posted on Facebook, etc.

6. Ask people to claim your offer.

For example, you have published an offer on your Facebook page; then this ad should be the best option because it will promote your offer so that it reaches a bigger share of your target market. Choosing the right ad for your remodeling company will be based on what you think is useful to you based on your goals. It means that you need to spend some time setting up your campaign goals so that you can select the type of ad to use and see the results from the money you spend.

How to Customize Facebook Advertising for your Construction Company?

To best manage your advertising on Facebook, you need to customize your ads, and here are some steps on how to do it.

1. Find the perfect image.

When choosing images, you need to pick high-quality photos of your work. Use clean images, and you must adhere to Facebook’s image guidelines:
  •         1,200 x 444 pixels
  •         20% or less text (highly recommended)
  •         8:3 image ratio

2. Write text to go with the ad.

You have a limited number of characters when it comes to ad text so make sure that you let them know of the services you offer, the benefits they can get and what they should do next, like call you or contact your office.

3. Customize advanced options.

For most of Facebook ads, you have advanced options that allow you to choose where you want your ad to appear; but by default, they will appear in the newsfeeds in both desktop and mobile.

4. Choose your audience.

One of the great things about Facebook ads is that it allows you to customize your audience. You can show off your ads even to the people whom you had a previous connection with, and you can choose target audience based on location, gender, age, interests and more.

5. Decide on your Facebook advertising budget.

If you are setting a daily budget for your ads, you should probably go for more than $20 so as to make sure that you are getting an optimum reach and see the return on your investment. You can track your ad spending and adjust it as necessary, but remember that the more you invest, the more people you reach and you will collect more leads. It will be worth it especially when you think about the thousands of people that your ad can reach in a day. Facebook advertising is a great way to promote your business especially when you want to increase your leads, drive more traffic to your website and see improvement in your conversion rate. These things are not impossible when you do your ads correctly. It might be overwhelming at first, but when you try, you will see exactly how Facebook ads can benefit you as a contractor.
Marketing ideas construction company
Sep 15

5 Marketing Ideas For Your Construction Company

By JNFA10Cs5gHZrlaELABDY0uEh | Marketing Plan

5 Marketing Ideas You Need To Know For Your Construction Company

Looking for marketing ideas for your construction business? In construction companies, you will notice that larger firms are the ones who are more likely to have marketing plans in place, and the smaller ones tend to put marketing aside. However, this is one huge and common mistake that many business owners commit. The truth is that companies and firms of all sizes should have marketing strategies in place to sustain the growth of what they have already started. Whether you have been in the business for years or you are just starting out, the size of your business should not determine whether you are committing to marketing or not. It is a crucial aspect of your business, and there are a plethora of forms and strategies you can deploy to continue to reach your target customers. It is just a matter of trying to figure what works and what does not. To help you out, here is a guide on a marketing strategy that you can follow to bring in more leads and increase your sales for the business.

1. Identify your business goals and perform an analysis.

While we all know that marketing is important because it can ultimately help grow profit for your firm, you should be able to determine the specific goals you want to achieve by employing marketing techniques. Your goals should be measurable, not only by the increase of your profit as a company but by other metrics. For example, by employing a particular technique, you want to see an increase in the number of your leads or the number of projects you receive. You have to be specific about these targets but you can only identify them when you perform an analysis. When you analyze the state of your business, you will be able to see where the opportunities are. Of course, you don’t need to target your marketing efforts towards the aspects of your company where you are already good at. You will need to have solutions to address the challenges and the weak points of your business. That’s where your marketing efforts should be focused.

2. Market your company using social media.

Just like any business right now, your construction company also needs to be on the social media. And it is not enough that you use it, but you need to use it efficiently and manage your social media accounts wisely so that you can engage your target audience. This is also one of the ways by which you can earn their trust and successfully convert them into a lead. Start by identifying your particular set of audience. Then, take time to do some research on the type of social media platform they are using more frequently. You don’t have to spread your online presence too thin on various social media networks. You can focus on two or three platforms where your target audience spends most of their time. However, avoid making the same mistake that other companies do, which is just to create a social media profile but leave it inactive for a long time. You need to be active and respond fast on your social media accounts because your goal is to keep your customers, and your potential customers engaged. Don’t ignore messages, comments, and feedback. Also, think about what they want to know about your construction company. Maybe you can share the latest projects you have finished, or if you are running any new promotion within your company. And if you have a website, you might as well use your social media accounts to share your blogs from your site. At the end of the day, what you want to establish is a community where everyone feels comfortable and excited to be engaged in.

3. Establish a connection with potential clients.

Another marketing idea for a construction company is networking. However, there may be times when you can’t allocate enough time and attention to this because running a business alone is already time-consuming. If you are too busy to host an event, you can sponsor a local event in your community so that you can have more opportunities to network, and at the same time market your business. You can even make this possible with the help of groups in the social media, and a good example is starting a Facebook group, then you can send invitations for local businesses to join. This will make referrals a lot easier.

4. Get your construction company accredited.

One of the best marketing ideas for a construction company is to establish your brand. You need to show yourself as a credible construction company, and the step number one is to go for the accolades. You don’t necessarily need to start big; you can go for the local accrediting companies. You can have these accreditations posted on your website so that you can drive more attention to your business. Aside from that, you have greater chances of getting more clients especially the ones who are very particular with dealing or doing business only with accredited construction companies.

5. Make your construction company easily accessible.

This may sound as a very basic tip but this is still very important. There are times when a potential client is not able to reach your company because they don’t have your updated phone number, or they have sent a message to your Facebook account but nobody has seen it yet. You have to make sure that all of your avenues for communication are accessible and that you check them frequently and regularly. Your fast response time translates to happy and satisfied customers. Finding the best marketing ideas for your construction company does not have to be tedious, difficult or time-consuming. But with the right strategies and correct implementation, these marketing techniques can take your business to greater heights than you ever imagined. All you need is a well thought out plan and proper execution.
Marketing plan
Sep 14

Why You Need Marketing Plan for Remodeling Companies

By JNFA10Cs5gHZrlaELABDY0uEh | Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan For Remodeling Companies

Running a remodeling company is a tough business, especially today when the competition is only getting more difficult. Finding the time and employing strategies to hunt and convert prospects is becoming tougher by the day. This is the reason why businesses, including remodeling companies, need to have a good marketing plan in place. A marketing plan is what you need if your goal is to take your business to a whole new level. Your marketing plan is the outline of the strategies and tactics you will implement in a given period. Its goal is to provide your business a direction so that you can reach the objectives you have set for your business. Your marketing plan for your remodeling company will not have to stay as a static document. You may need to make some changes along the way, especially when your business begins to evolve and grow. The importance of a good and comprehensive marketing plan cannot be emphasized any further. Without marketing, your potential customers and clients have no way of learning about you, so how will they buy your products and services? Your business will not continue to make money and earn a profit.

Here are some of the reasons why your remodeling company needs a marketing plan.

It is easier to reach your target market.

Once you’ve established your marketing plan, you have already identified who your ideal clients are, so it will be easier for you to reach them.

You have the visibility over the actual state of your business.

Your marketing plan will also allow you to see where your business currently stands. You are not going to be blinded to the reality about the status of your company. This way, you will be able to make immediate business decisions if the company is in a bad state.

It clearly defines your goals and objectives.

Any business needs to have a well-defined set of goals and objectives. No business will ever succeed without a direction. With a marketing plan in place for your remodeling company, you will be able to outline what you really want to achieve for your business. You will be able to identify how your short term goals will help you get to your long term goals.

It helps you focus.

There are so many marketing techniques and strategies available for you to utilize, but not all of them can work for your remodeling business. Your marketing plan will help you stay focused on the specific action items you need to execute to achieve your goals. And if some steps do not work, you can always make changes to your plan until you can determine the best course of action for your business.

So how do you develop an effective marketing plan?

Developing a good marketing plan for your remodeling business is crucial to your success. Do not confuse marketing and advertising because advertising is just a piece of a marketing plan. To help you get started, here are some tips and tricks to understand what you need to reach your target market.

1. Examine the details about the current state of your business.

When it comes to the products and services your remodeling company offers, you need to identify what is generating more sales, and what are the challenges. Looking at the overall status of the company, are you achieving your goals, or are you currently experiencing issues when it comes to attracting more clients and customers?

2. Identify your marketing goal and objectives.

You may have already set a goal for your remodeling business, but you also need to know what you expect to get from your marketing plan. What do you want to achieve? Do you want to increase the number of leads? Or do you want to work on your brand awareness? This is important so that you know which tactics to implement so you can approach your goal more easily.

3. Identify your target market.

You need to be very specific about the market you are trying to reach because sometimes, it does not make sense to generate so many leads who are not even qualified because they don’t need or they can’t afford your products and services. Knowing your audience can help you create messages and place them where your target audience can see them.

4. Determine the marketing tactics you will implement to reach your goals.

To complete your marketing plan, you need to select the marketing strategies you will put in place based on the factors previously mentioned including your target audience and goals. After planning your course of action, you will need to track and monitor the results so that you can see if there is a need for you to change these tactics or if these tactics are useful and are going to sustain your business until you finally achieve your long term goals. Many business owners make the mistake of putting marketing aside, and as a remodeling company, you should know that marketing is one of the core areas of business that you need to invest time and energy into. Establishing your plans for your business is imperative to ensure continued growth for your company in the years to come.
how to measure content effectiveness
Sep 13

How to Measure Content Effectiveness

By JNFA10Cs5gHZrlaELABDY0uEh | Uncategorized

How to Measure Content Effectiveness for Remodeling Companies

There is no use at setting up a great content marketing strategy if you don’t know how to measure content effectiveness. As a remodeling company, one of your ultimate goals is to grow your business and not remain stagnant. You may have several marketing strategies already in place to make it happen, but there are times when we need to find some ways to get more low-cost leads and sales. This is where the internet comes in.

Today, the internet is the best and the fastest way to look for a remodeler. If you have a customer looking for your services, they won’t bother to look and dig into a copy of the yellow pages just to look for your information. Instead, they will get their mobile phone and search for the services they need. This is basically why your online presence is very much necessary.

If you have already spent time on your website, have put in efforts in content marketing, and have already engaged in social media marketing, the next step is for you to see how effective content marketing is to grow your sales and your business in general. Just like the rest of your marketing techniques, your remodeling company needs to have the visibility over how much internet marketing contributes to your business. This way, you will also be able to learn which marketing efforts you can focus on.

Here are some helpful steps to measure your content marketing efforts for your remodeling company.

1. Identify your KPI’s.

KPI stands for key performance indicators, and it means that these are going to be the numbers you will measure to check how effective your content is. You need to identify the core KPIs that you want to track. The most common KPIs used in many businesses, and you can also use in your remodeling company are website traffic, page views, blog comments, subscription (email and blog subscriptions), and online and offline sales. These are just a few common ones but if you want to measure your web marketing in other areas, you can just add more items to your KPIs. The most important thing is that these numbers should be able to provide you an insight on how you can improve your content marketing.

Now, if you are also doing social media marketing, you can also identify the metrics that will help you measure your content marketing success; examples of which are the number of shares, retweets, comments, followers, blog mentions, etc.

2. Measure your website metrics and social media metrics.

There are tools that you can use in order to measure your site and social media KPIs. As for your website, you can use Google Analytics. Google Analytics can provide you any valuable information you want to learn about your numbers. It needs to be configured according to the information that you want to see. The good thing about it is that it is free, easy to use, and it already has the complete features. To get started, you will need to create your account under your main Google account; then you can sign in. As soon as you are signed in, you need to go to Admin because that is where you will have to encode the details about your website, especially the URL. If your site has a mobile app counterpart, there is an option to track metrics on both the website and mobile app. Once everything has been set up, Google Analytics can already start gathering data, and you can already begin to view reports. These reports will then give you a bigger picture on how much contribution your content marketing efforts have to your remodeling business.

As for measuring social media metrics, there are also some online tools that can do the job for you; examples are SocialBro, Social Inbox, and HootSuite.

3. Pay attention to what your customers are saying.

The numbers are not the only thing that you should pay close attention to. The qualitative data, in the form of feedback, comments and suggestions can also be used to measure your success in web marketing. For example, if you usually receive more negative feedback than the positive, maybe your next goal should be something that will increase the ratio of positive to negative.

4. Focus on quality and not just quantity.

Your overall content marketing success or failure is not just measured by your conversion rate. Another important thing you need to take a look at is the quality of leads that your website generates. There are times when the number of your leads might be increasing but these are not the right match for your company, and they don’t meet the criteria. It means that you still can’t rely on them for conversion. A qualified lead is someone who is a decision maker and someone who is almost ready to buy your products and services. If you take a look at this area, you can pretty much make some changes or become more strategic and targeted in your content marketing so that you attract the right leads for your remodeling business.

It is always important to measure the success or failure of our marketing efforts regardless of your business industry because it will give you an idea whether the investment you make to market your business translates to results. It will also let you see if any of your marketing strategies helps you achieve your company goals. You don’t just go out there and employ marketing techniques and wait blindly for the outcome. You need to track, monitor and analyze so that you find the right and the best fit for your business needs.
Sep 12

How to Start a Blog for Remodeling Companies

By JNFA10Cs5gHZrlaELABDY0uEh | Content Marketing

Have you already started a blog on your website? With all of the things which are on your plate as a remodeling company, you may not have much time to think about website management and blogging. However, these are now essential when it comes to marketing your business. If you still haven’t tried blogging, now is the perfect time to do it because it will help you establish your company as an expert in your field among your target audience. Not only that, blogging will help you land on top rankings in the organic search results, and at the same time, it will be an excellent venue for you to highlight the previous projects you have recently done. It is like advertising your works of art on your own website. Blogging can also bring you as many customers to your business compared to your current referral program. It can significantly help generate more business without having to spend a lot of money from your marketing budget. However, when you are new to blogging, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are the basic and most important points you need to consider.

1. Start by thinking about the most common questions people ask you.

People are already asking you many questions; they want to learn from you and your expertise. This is an ideal starting point for you to generate your blog posts topics. It’s not about writing anything related to your remodeling company. This is not a place where you advertise your business. It is a place where people will come because you helped them previously with their problems. You need to consider what your audience will want to learn, what will pique their interests and the common questions they need answers for. One of the most popular topics for remodeling companies is how-to information or DIYs. People want to know tips and some step-by-step procedures and information they can use around the house. These are the types of content that they will find useful and valuable. You can also talk about product reviews. These will be especially helpful for those who are making their own DIY improvements. The most important thing you need to bear in mind when writing a blog is that it should be useful, relevant, informative and entertaining.

2. Write the perfect headline for your blog post.

One of the keys to writing a successful blog is drafting the perfect headline. If you have a well-written headline, it will help boost the number of people who will actually read your post. Make sure that your headline has the right length; it should not exceed 60 characters. Google will more likely index your article if you stick to the right length. Next, you need to make sure that the title is relevant and it should tell the readers what the content is all about. And to make people want to read your blog, you can also work on making it sound intriguing. You can have it in the form of a question, or make a list. Also, avoid using negative words or vague statements in your headline.

3. Create content that will be useful all year round.

It means that you need to write blog posts that will be relevant regardless of the season.  If you create news or seasonal topics, you will have difficulty maintaining them because they wear out quicker.

4. Make a regular schedule for posting your blogs.

If your goal is to establish your brand as an expert in your field, you need to be consistent with posting your blogs. It will also help show that you are a professional.  Your customers will have the impression that you have the ability to solve their problems because your blogs will serve as your voice. It does not have to be very frequent because quality content is more important than quantity. You just have to make sure that it is consistent.

5. Optimize your content.

Because one of your goals in blogging is to be able to reach your target customers, you need to make sure that they find you when they search for your products and services. And this is something that can be made possible with the help of SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization, and optimizing your content for SEO means that the content and blogs you create should match what your customers are looking for. One of the fundamental aspects of SEO is using the right keywords. Keywords are words or phrases that your customers or potential customers may be using when looking for anything related to your company. This is now where you need to think about what your customers are more likely to put into that search box. They are not going to make use of industry-specific terms so make sure that you use simple keywords as much as possible. And for your blogs to land on top ranks in the search results, you need to include the right keywords in your title. One other thing to keep in mind is optimizing your content for local search as well.

6. Include a call to action.

For your blog to be more effective, it will help if you include a call to action. For example, you can ask them if they need to upgrade their ceiling or remodel their bedroom, ask them to give you a call and provide your telephone number for an estimate of the costs. Or you can also ask them if they need a revamp on certain areas of their house, or anything related to your topic. This will make the customer actually think about whether they really need to do that, and what you are doing is making them realize that they do. This will then help generate more leads for your business. Your business as a remodeling company is just one of the many a very competitive market, and it is only imperative that you put efforts to make your customers see your value. Blogging is one of those things that should be helpful for your business so don’t think twice about starting your own blog. Just make sure you create quality content that will answer your customers’ questions and solve their problems, and do it consistently.
Local SEO
Sep 11

8 Reasons Why Local SEO is Useful for Remodeling Companies


8 Reasons Why Local SEO is Useful for Remodeling Companies

Now that we are in the digital age, having an online presence is more important than ever. It does not matter what kind of business you have because regardless of your industry, we all must admit that times are changing and you need to be able to adapt to these changes.

As a remodeling company, you don’t have to feel that the internet is not for you. In fact, it is a must for you to have your own website, and be able to establish your presence even in the social media channels. But the work doesn’t just stop there. One of the most basic things that need your attention is your local SEO, for you to increase your visibility and exposure as a company.

What is local SEO anyway?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and local SEO is all about making sure you are highly visible so that you land on higher rankings in the search results when people are looking for businesses that are near them in the search engines. This is one of the most effective ways to market your business online because this will help you get found by local customers who are looking for products and services offered by local businesses.

So let’s say customers in your town or city are looking for services from a remodeling company and they want to be able to find it locally, it is the local SEO that can help you rank high in the Google search rankings.

If you are not sure whether local SEO is the right tactic for you, here are some of the most important reasons why you actually need to invest in local SEO as a remodeling company.

1. One of the very first places local customers go to when finding local businesses is the internet.

While it is true that phone books and yellow pages are still not dead, let’s face the reality that millions of people turn to the internet when they need to find details and information about local businesses. You can increase your chances of getting seen by your target customers when you invest in local SEO because about 30 percent of mobile Google searches are based on location. People would prefer to be working with remodelers that can provide services right where they are located.

2. Google promotes local searches.

As we’re sure you’ve noticed, Google actually prioritizes local search results because it aims to give the users the exact thing they want. And because there is a promising future for mobile internet usage, there is a good chance that Google will continue to put in efforts to make local companies more prominent which will make it a lot easier for you to generate more leads and increase your sales.

More and more customers are just using their smartphones and mobile phones to do their search while on the go. And this is something that you can bank on. In fact, more people are now accessing the internet through mobile than on desktop or laptops.

3. You can get higher return on investment when you invest in local SEO.

Investing in local SEO does not mean that you entirely have to get rid of the traditional marketing strategies that you have in place. You may still continue to have your business advertised in the newspapers, television or radio, because your local SEO can just be an addition to what you already have in your marketing plans in place.

But if you want to see better results when it comes to your return on investment, you can never go wrong with local SEO. Why? Because you will be able to reach your target customers when they need you. And if you take a look at all the advertising channels, it is the local SEO that can give you greater chances of having higher conversion.

4. You can promote your business for free with local SEO.

There are now several business directories that allow companies to get their business listings for free, and one of them is the Google My Business listing.

Google My Business listing is a tool that allows businesses and organizations to manage and optimize their online presence across Google applications and sites. It is a great way to help your customers find you. This is especially helpful if the size of your company is not that big yet or if it is only mid-sized right now because it is cost-efficient. So even if you have limited marketing resources, it will still be possible for your business to show progress through local SEO.

5. Through local SEO, you can drive positive reviews and establish better branding for your business.

What your customers will have to say and their perception about your company and business are very important. Whether you’re still working on establishing your image and branding or not, investing in local SEO is one of the excellent steps to start with. Google values the reviews that your customers leave on your website so make good use of these positive testimonials from your customers.

In addition, it is good business when you keep on posting good feedback from your customers because it will help establish the credibility of your business to earn the trust of your existing, as well as potential customers. Remember that word of mouth is still one of the major factors that influence the success of many businesses. If people get to recognize your company, the information will just continually be passed on and spread, and it should help you attract more and more customers for your business.

6. Local SEO is measurable.

When you employ marketing strategies to increase visibility of your business, attract more leads and ultimately convert these leads to sales, we want to be able to measure and see how effective our marketing strategies are. And the only way to do that is to be able to measure the results. With local SEO, you will definitely be able to do this. You will be able to see how it is helping you and how much help it actually brings your company.

There are a number of ways by which you can measure how effective your local SEO is. If you are tracking your number (like the number of people who visit your website) in spreadsheets, you can do a review of your traffic this year compared to last year. You can do this using Google Analytics or Clicky as an alternative. You can also utilize your Google Analytics to give you the visibility over the data you are looking for, on a quarterly basis or a yearly basis. It is also important for you to see how much of your traffic is coming from mobile so that you can make adjustments with your strategy.

You can also find out the true ranking of your page or website using a tool. One of those that you can use is the Google Search Console which is actually free as well. You can have it installed and you can utilize it to check your rankings on a monthly basis. There are also paid tools which you can access when you visit And if you want to see all the information pertaining to all of your SEO campaigns, these should all be visible when you go to Google My Business page.
After compiling all the data you need, it is time for you to review your metrics and see if your company has hit its goals. You can also see now how much growth your business has experienced, and if it will be realistic and attainable to set the bars higher. This is also the best time to think if your local SEO marketing plan will be able to continually support your goals for the next quarter or year perhaps.

7. The competition is just getting tougher and tougher.

There are millions of new websites that are created every year because more and more businesses also arise. In order to keep up with the increasing competition, what businesses do is that they try to find smaller targets to increase their chances of being more visible. That’s the same when you target local customers in your area of the community. Because Google is more focused on the searches based on the location of the user, this is the best time to invest in your local SEO. The more targeted your market is, the higher the likelihood of generating leads and closing more sales. Your customers will prefer to do business with those they can find just within the place where they reside.

8. You can see accelerated results.

If you want to see progress in your Google rankings, investing in local SEO can have a tremendous advantage for you. That’s because your close competitors are the remodeling companies which are also within your area, and if a lot of them have not used local SEO yet, it will be a lot easier and faster for you to reach the top rankings in Google search results in a shorter span of time.
instagram for remodelers
Aug 21

5 Simple Ideas How to Use Instagram for Remodelers

By JNFA10Cs5gHZrlaELABDY0uEh | Social Media

You’ve probably heard about Instagram; it’s highly visual network where people go to look for an inspiration or just to enjoy beautiful photos. Latest statistics show that there are more than 700 million active monthly users and the number keeps growing every day. Did you know what Instagram can do for remodelers and how it can help grow your remodeling business? First of all, when doing home remodeling, people like to see how their home will look like and not just hear about it. Secondly, it might even drive the need for house remodeling for people who didn’t plan it, because they will see all these beautiful pictures you’re posting and think – I want this. Finally, Instagram is a great way to strengthen your brand and to show it is modern and up-to-date. If you communicate to your audience via outdated channels of communication or use stories that don’t appeal to their emotions, you will not have success in convincing your clients they can trust you. So here are some ways you can use Instagram to your advantage:

1. Home improvement tips featuring your best work.

We know that you have done an amazing job improving houses for your clients. So why not use that to your advantage and show people how their homes can look better? Even educate them to do some minor changes themselves. One way to do this is to make how-to-guides for your followers by using Instagram albums. Instagram albums can have up to 10 images, so you can mix your best work with some useful tips and tricks on what to add to your home so that it looks better. When they’re ready to take up a bigger project, they will already have you in mind as an expert who helped them before.

2. Use testimonials.

You can have your clients take pictures of themselves, and ask for a testimonial. Then you can either put their words on the visual or use captions to tell their story. Try and be engaging and fun while you tell the story. People respond to emotion. They love to hear a personal story about it, the difficulties you’ve encountered along the way and how you fixed them. This is not about bragging, it is so that your prospective clients see you for who you are – a person who helps others improve their living conditions and live the life they only dreamed of.

3. Use high-quality pictures from recent projects.

Recent projects or something you are currently working on is the best way to show your prospective clients what you can do for them. And people love beautiful pictures, so make sure that you are always using only the high-quality ones. There is no need to invest in an expensive camera; a smart phone today can do wonders!

4. Use Instagram story for current projects.

Instagram story is the best way to show your followers what you are up to at the moment. You can use stories to help your followers see the process of remodeling. Or create behind-the-scenes moments with funny stories and problems your workers encounter during the process. You can even educate them on how to do something themselves with short videos (up to 15 seconds). Or really tell a story by combining pictures and videos into a detailed guide. You can use the same strategy as for the albums and how-to-guide, but instead, show them in action how it is done. This way they will see you as an expert and they will understand how you handle things and why you are a professional. The best part about the Instagram story is if you decide you don’t like it, it disappears after 24 hours anyway. But if you decide you like it, make sure to save it, because you can use parts of it later and repurpose it into a great album after the project is done.

5. Use albums to feature your best projects.

After the project is done, make sure to feature all of the beautiful pictures you already have and combine them into an album. Basically, it will be repeating what you already have, so make sure you add a picture or two that is not featured on your page and put it as an album cover. This is where parts of your story can fit in nicely as well. You can even go a step further and tell an engaging story about a project in the caption. You can use testimonials here as well from the happy clients. Though Instagram is a highly visual network, people like to pause and read more about the picture and see what it is all about. They love the story behind it. Make sure you tell it the right way. In the end, you can choose from a lot of options out there. It takes is a little creativity to come up with the right strategy that will work for your business in particular. Once you have the strategy in place, your clients will start seeing you as an expert you already are.