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Oct 20

Spark Interest For Your Service With These Creative Ideas

By JNFA10Cs5gHZrlaELABDY0uEh | Social Media

Best social media tips for remodeling companies are always the simplest. In today’s world where almost every company uses the social media to market and advertise their brand, you need to find the way to stand out. With our social media tips, you can reach your target market with little or no investment.

Billions of people are logging in to various social media channels, and having a social media presence will be a significant help in attracting more customers. These tools can make it easier for you as a remodeler to deliver relevant content to potential customers, whether they are on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

To make sure that you don’t miss out on reaching to these billions of audience, here are some helpful ways on how you can use social media marketing for your remodeling company.

1. Take time to learn how social media works.

Before you even take the first steps to your social media marketing, it is important that you dedicate some time to learn how it works. How other businesses use social media may be different from how you can use it for your remodeling company and that is why it will help if you take advantage of the free tutorials or online courses on the internet. The basics may be somewhat similar but there are some strategies that you can employ specific to your business only. As soon as you learn everything you need, you can proceed to establish the goals you want to achieve by using social media marketing.

2. Open a two-way conversation.

The beauty of using social media in marketing your remodeling company is that it gives you a venue for a conversation. You do not only provide content to your audience but you are encouraging them to talk to you. Your potential customers will be turning to their social media channels to make queries about the services you offer in your construction company. And what you need to do is make sure that you respond to those queries and other messages, comments, and feedback in a timely manner.

And because you can use social media to post or highlight the best of your projects, there is a good chance that your audience will share or repost them on Facebook or retweet them on Twitter. And it means an added exposure for your company.

3. Share relevant and useful information.

One of the best social media tips we can give you is to use your social media channels as perfect venues for you to impart valuable and relevant information to your target consumers. This is especially helpful if you are currently working on establishing your remodeling company as an authority or leader in your niche or industry.

When you post content on social media, it will be better if the materials are more attractive and engaging. So for example, instead of posting an article which could take longer for them to read, why don’t you post a video instead or an infographic. Most social media users are more into watching videos than reading. But if you need to post a blog or some updates about your company, make sure they come with high-quality images that make the post more engaging.

4. Relate and engage your audience.

For an industry like a construction company, it will be great if you bring personality to your brand through your social media accounts. As to how you can do this, it’s quite simple. You can incorporate non-business posts that your audience can relate to, like whatever is trending at the moment. Your posts do not necessarily have to be all promotional or not all about your services. It can be about something else that your audience will be interested in. Remember, you don’t need to fill your social media feeds with posts. What is more important is that you actively engage with your audience and make an effort to turn them to happy and satisfied customers.

When you get your audience to engage, you are also beginning to establish a relationship with them. And when that happens, when they will need your services in the future, you will be the first remodeling company that will remember.

5. Choose the channels you will focus on.

Social media marketing does not mean that you have to be present on every social platform available. If your construction company is new, it will be best if you establish your social media presence on at least 2 or 3 social media channels first. You just need to find out where the majority of your target market is spending most of their time. If they are active on Twitter, then pay more attention to being active and responsive on Twitter. When your business grows, then that’s the time when you may begin expanding your social reach.

It is also important to choose the platforms that complement your brand. For example, as a remodeling company, it will suit you best if one of your main focus is on Pinterest because here you can showcase your DIY projects that your audience will certainly find valuable. However, Pinterest may not be appropriate for other industries so they must also choose where they will be putting a lot of their energy into.

6. Track and review.

Just like any other marketing strategy, you also need to track and measure the results of your social media marketing efforts. This way, you will be able to see if you are achieving the goals you have established before you began. Tracking also gives you the visibility over what works and what do not, so that you can revisit your techniques and make necessary changes and improvements. Do not hesitate to tweak some things if you know that they are not working.

As a remodeling company, having social media presence is just as important as having a website. However, in order to maximize its use for your business, make sure that you are doing it correctly so that it can help you scale and achieve your company goals. And there’s no reason to delay it because it can efficiently boost traffic and can help generate more leads for your construction company.

Nurture Prospects
Oct 18

How to Use Email Marketing to Nurture Prospects For Your Remodeling Company

By JNFA10Cs5gHZrlaELABDY0uEh | Email Marketing

Lead generation and conversions are one of the top priorities of many companies, and that includes construction companies. For businesses, leads are typically defined as the people who sign up a form on the website, download a material or attend a free webinar. But the lead generation process does not stop here. These leads will have to be nurtured so that they can be converted to sales. In marketing, the lead nurturing process is important. It ensures that potential buyers are engaged and that relationships are developed through every step of the buyer’s journey in the sales funnel. Now the next question is how to make sure that your remodeling company engages with the leads at various stages of the buying cycle? There are actually plenty of ways to nurture leads for businesses, thanks to the internet. There is the website, social media, blogging and so on, but email marketing remains to be one of the most effective ways to move leads efficiently to the sales funnel. If you are already doing email marketing but you don’t see visible results, here are some helpful ways to use and maximize email marketing to nurture your potential clients.

1. Group your leads accordingly.

When you do grouping or segmentation of your leads, you group them according to their demographic information, browsing activity, and history of the transaction with your remodeling company. By doing this, it will be easier for you to create customer personas, assign them to the categories they belong to and you can customize your email according to each category. Now it will also be easier for you to figure out what content will be relevant for each group. You can also track the time when your leads or potential customers usually send emails to your construction company. This will tell you the best time to send them marketing emails as well. The important thing is that you need to cater to your prospects according to their needs and convenience, and you can do this if you take time to get all these information ready.

2. Create relevant and compelling content.

This could be the most challenging step in email marketing but it can also be the most effective. If you want your email content to be targeted and to be relevant to your prospects, you need to conduct some research to get some important questions answered. For example, you need to find out why your people are visiting your remodeling website? What information are they looking for? Are most of them checking for remodeling projects? What kind of construction services do you get the most queries? These are just a few questions that you need to ask to make sure that you get a complete understanding of your customer’s needs. Once you have identified your prospects’ needs, you can personalize your email in such a way that it will lead your customers to the specific pages in your website where they can find what they are looking for and where they can get their queries addressed.

3. Make your emails educational.

You can improve your email marketing by making sure that your emails are educational. In your campaigns, you might want to focus on how your construction company can help. For example, you may want to tell them how this particular service of yours can help them achieve the look they want for their living room or how you can make some upgrades in their homes to make their living conditions more comfortable and convenient. When you make your content educational, you are letting your leads know that you are the expert in your industry. You are giving them more reasons why they should not bring the business somewhere else. You are earning their trust and establishing your credibility. It will take a lot of effort and time before you can establish yourself as someone that people can depend on, but if you invest in this type of email marketing, you will get there eventually. When you make your content educational, you are letting your leads know that you are the expert in your industry. You are giving them more reasons why they should not bring the business somewhere else. You are earning their trust and establishing your credibility. It will take a lot of effort and time before you can establish yourself as someone that people can depend on, but if you invest in this type of email marketing, you will get there eventually.

4. Aim to establish a connection.

Because you are using email marketing for lead nurturing, one of your main focus is establishing the connection with your prospects. This means that you have to give them more options to connect and reach out to you. Aside from email, get closer to your customers by maximizing other channels such as your social media, websites, newsletters, and others. Also, encourage open dialogue and meaningful conversations through your emails because people will appreciate it more when they feel the human side of a brand.

5. Give your prospects something relevant and valuable.

Your email campaigns should be more than just product offers. You need to give them what they want, especially when they start showing interest in your remodeling company’s services. Take time to find out the things that engaged them and send them more content that will be relevant and useful for them. When this continues, you are further earning their trust and gradually leading them towards hiring you as a construction company for their remodeling needs.

6. Help make their lives better.

As you work on lead nurturing, one of your goals should include helping your customers improve their lives. How? By creating content that is practical and useful for everyday lives. For example, you create content about DIY projects that they can do in their own yard or kitchen, or anything to improve their homes. These things are not only limited to your website but they can also be shared to your prospects through emails. Email marketing is not new but it has proven itself to be one of the most effective tools in generating and nurturing leads over the years. And that is why you should not hesitate and you should not be afraid to increase your email marketing efforts. If you pay close attention to this strategy and make sure that you do it right, you will eventually see the results when you see your company’s ROI.
Pinterest for remodelers
Oct 17

How To Use Pinterest For Remodeling Business

By JNFA10Cs5gHZrlaELABDY0uEh | Social Media

There are plenty of ways to market your remodeling company, but the most overlooked tactic for remodeling business is Pinterest. You are probably already using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and while these channels can bring promising results in terms of lead generation, Pinterest offers you quick results.

Pinterest demographics show that most of its users are women and since remodeling your house can take a lot of time, women like to plan it out. What better way to do it, then to pin your ideas for easier reference? The sole essence of Pinterest.

Many marketers think that this tool is useless but the reality is that Pinterest is an excellent means for remodelers to be able to reach a wider range of audience. It may not be perfect for every marketer and every industry, but it can work wonders for your remodeling company. Today, Pinterest has more than 70 million users and they spend as much time as they do for other social media networks. What this means is that when you use Pinterest for your business, you can find a lot of potential leads and customers who are just waiting to be engaged and converted to clients.

If you have not utilized Pinterest yet for your digital marketing but you are willing to give it a try, here’s a guide to help you utilize the tool to increase your leads for your remodeling company.

1. Create a board that your audience is interested in.

Pinterest is famous for having the type of audience who are into fashion, travel, food, and DIYs. And as a remodeling company, you can focus on the DIY and find promising opportunities here. You can show people how they can make something on their own, and as a remodeler, there are a lot of things that you can share. They will surely love helpful and valuable content that they can apply to their everyday lives. But, in order to make sure that your content is engaging,  you also have to work on the visuals. Use good quality photos because, in Pinterest, one of your main attractions are your images. You will have a better chance of getting your board repinned simply because the graphics are attractive and are eye-catching.

Don’t forget to share some pictures of your recent projects here as well, because when looking for inspiration how to remodel their homes, your potential customers might run right into your remodeling business.

2. Stay organized.

Once you get with Pinterest, you might get crazy over it and create tons of pins of your services and your website. It is important to make sure that you keep your boards organized. If you keep it orderly, you are making it easier for you audience to search for your pins quickly.

3. Post blog images.

When you post content or blogs on your Pinterest boards, they will be better off when images are attached to them. Link these images back to your blog so that you can drive website traffic and capture more leads. It is also to choose pins that people will easily notice.

Here are some tips you need to bear in mind:
  • Choose tall images because they have better chances of getting repinned more. That’s because they get to take more space on the feeds so when people scroll, they get to have better chances of engaging with you. However, you should also make sure that you don’t use the super skinny images.
  • Choose warm colors. Reddish orange shades are better than bluish images.
  • Keep your photos bright because they have higher likelihood of getting repinned than dark images.

4. Create a good description.

In creating your pin description, it is important to make sure that you keep it short because there is a limit when it comes to the number of characters allowed. However, unlike your website where you need to avoid the so-called keyword stuffing, when you do this with your pins, you don’t actually get penalized. But, you just have to make sure that your descriptions are still short and relevant. For example, you are uploading a photo of your remodeled bedroom, indicate the design elements like the paint color, wallpaper, etc. And for an increased exposure, do not forget about your company name.

5. Add hashtags.

If it is relevant to your content, it will also be helpful if you use hashtags. This way, it will be a lot easier for people to discover your pins. However, it will be better if you keep your hashtags to a minimum of 1 or 2 only because a study has found that even on Twitter, the tweets with only 1 or 2 hashtags have a higher engagement than those with three or more hashtags. Well, Twitter may not be exactly the same as Pinterest but there is no harm when you follow this rule. If you have shared the same content on Facebook and Twitter, make sure that the hashtags you used on those platforms are the same hashtags you use on Pinterest.

5. Post your infographics on Pinterest.

Your blogs are not the only type of content that you can share on Pinterest because you can also share your Infographics here. One of the reasons why Pinterest is popular is because it is filled with attractive images and people love it. If you want an easy way to generate leads, an infographic is a good option and it certainly has a place on Pinterest.

Getting started with Pinterest for your remodeling company should be easy. Well if you are a beginner in this platform, it could be overwhelming at first but you will get the hang of it. Make sure that you have a good profile and follow these steps mentioned above and you can maximize this tool to capture more leads for your business. Also, you must remember that in order for you to maximize your return on investment by using Pinterest, your time should be focused on creating and optimizing your pins to get more clicks, likes and repins and everything else that will drive the growth of your lead generation.
Google rankings for remodeling companies
Oct 13

How To Improve Your Google Ranking For Remodeling Company


It’s high time that contractors or remodeling companies, put google rankings high on their priority list! For many of them, advertising their business on the internet does not seem much of a priority. They are aware that it might be good for them to have a website, or engage their followers on social media, but when it comes to it, they just don’t do it.

As a remodeling company, your website has a very promising potential of bringing more sales and profit for your business only if you pay close attention to it. You cannot just have a site put up and expect it to work on its own while you sit there and wait for more customers to knock on your door. You need to step up your game in terms of driving more traffic to your website, and this is the time when you need to focus on your SEO and your ranking in the Google search results.

If you want your website to work to your benefit and get your remodeling company to rank higher in the search engine results, here are some tips you may need to follow.

1. Identify your top keywords.

In SEO, your keywords or key phrases are crucial. These are the words that internet users are typing in the search box when they are looking for your services. So what you need to do is to identify the most common words and phrases they are searching for which lead them to your site. One of the best ways for you to identify your keywords and long tail keywords is by using Keyword Planner in Google Adwords. You can also use other platforms like Wordstream and Moz.

2. Publish what your audience asks for.

Now that you know what your readers are looking for, it’s time to give them what they want. Because you have a wide range of services as a remodeling company, you can publish content about the ones that are more commonly searched for. But of course, you don’t neglect your other services. In fact, it is time you shed some light to your not-so-popular services so that they get more exposure and your potential customers will be able to learn about them, too.

Your content can be a blog post, infographic, white papers, videos, images and a lot more. The most important thing about publishing content is that it should address your customers’ queries, it should give them a solution to a problem and it should be something that they can consider as informational, useful and valuable.

3. Optimize your headings for higher Google rankings.

Your heading is basically the part that tells your reader what your content is all about. And because it is the one that gives them the idea about what to expect about your content, it needs to catch their attention so that they can decide to continue reading. To optimize your headings, you need to make sure that they are clear and easy to understand. They should also contain your keywords and tagged as H1, H2 and H3 accordingly on each and every web page.

4. Optimize your content.

This is another part of your SEO where your keywords will be playing a major role. Optimizing your content means that you incorporate your keywords throughout the body of your content but be careful not to overdo it. There is such a thing as keyword stuffing and it means that keywords are repeated throughout the article more often than they should, just so the site ranks high in search results. If you get caught for such violation, you will be penalized by Google.

Make sure that you measure what content is performing better than others so that you can leverage on that.

5. Have your NAP across your whole website.

You need to make sure that you have your NAP (Name, address and phone number) on every single page of your website. You need to also have the same exact format and details when you do local citations or whenever you mention your business address on other websites.

6. Add and optimize images for better Google rankings.

It is important that you have your photos added to your listings so that people can see the services that you offer as a contractor. In fact, it might be through your photos that people can see that your business actually offers what they are looking for. As for the images that you upload together with your content like your blogs or the photos for your gallery, optimizing them will also help your Google rankings. You can do it by reducing its file size because your site might take forever to load if the images are too heavy. You also need to rename the description of the photo instead of resorting to the default one. That is because Google algorithm only relies on how you describe the image and not what you see on the image. Go and change alt text on a couple of images on your website and watch your Google rankings get better over time.

7. Link to other websites.

If you think it does not make sense when you link to other websites because you need the traffic to your own, it actually does. It’s because external linking increases your SEO value. When you link to other sites, especially the reliable and trustworthy ones, you are also establishing your own credibility, and Google recognizes that. So it means that on your future blogs or content, have at least 2 to 3 links to other websites.

8. Link internally.

While linking to external sites can be useful, you also should not forget about linking to our own site. It is called internal linking. It means that you cite some pages in your own website where your readers can refer to when checking for related content. Internal linking can help improve your customer’s experience because you can keep them engaged. It is also your way of telling Google that a particular page on your site is relevant.

To make sure that you are doing an effective internal linking, ask yourself first about the probability of a reader to click on that specific link. Make sure that the link is also relevant to the content. And on your homepage, you can also add links to the most important pages on your site so you improve your Google rankings.

If at the moment, you think that SEO is not your specialty, you don’t have to worry because you can master it eventually. Just follow these steps for now and see how your website improves its rank on the search results. Once you get the hang of it, you will not only progress when it comes to ranking, but you will also see visible results on how it helps your business.

Email marketing for remodeling company
Oct 11

How Remodelers Can Benefit From Email Marketing

By JNFA10Cs5gHZrlaELABDY0uEh | Email Marketing

How Your Remodeling Company Can Benefit From Email Marketing Campaign

With your own website and an online presence on various social media platforms, are you wondering why your remodeling company still needs to invest in email marketing? Your site and social media are useful digital marketing tools but email is also one of the most useful. Statistics show that 44 percent of those who receive an email from businesses make at least one purchase in a year. This is one of the reasons why many companies today invest into their email marketing campaign; not only because it is effective, but it is also cost-efficient.

There are a number of benefits that your remodeling business can get from email marketing. It is not something that you can just overlook because it remains to be one of the important revenue channels for many companies across the globe. And if you are not convinced yet, here are some ways on how it can improve your ROI and take your company to the next level.

1. Increase revenue with email marketing.

With email marketing, you can easily increase revenue for your remodeling business! This is because email marketing serves the purpose of nurturing prospects that have already shown interest in your company. By providing their information using the form on your website, they have become a part of your email list. This means they are already interested in finding out more about what your company can do for them.

Prospects at this stage of the buying cycle are more likely to convert. When they decide that it is the time to remodel their kitchen or bathroom, they will be calling you for help!

In order to make sure that they can easily contact you once they’re ready to move further with remodeling project is include a link to the contact form in your emails. The best place is P.S. in the email letting them know that if they’re interested in finding out how much the remodeling project can cost they can get a free estimate. Or simply, add a link to your website in your signature.

2. Generate more traffic with email marketing.

Why not create newsletters that you can use in your email marketing campaigns and send them out to your subscription list? You can send out these weekly with all of the relevant content that you publish that week.

And since you’re already driving some traffic to your website, you have to make sure that people can easily convert to customers once they’re there. Again, you can achieve this if you include a clear call to action at the bottom of your blog post.

Let them know that they can contact you at any time or request a free estimate of their next remodeling project!

3. Use email marketing to encourage sharing content on social media.

Word of mouth remains to be one of the most useful marketing strategies for almost all types of businesses in the world, and you should always give your prospects useful information that they can share to their social circles.

Remind them that they can tweet the link to your blog post, or share it with their Facebook friend. Don’t be shy about reminding your prospects what you would like them to do for you.

There are endless possibilities and all you have to do is to maximize them in your email marketing and make sure that it does not sound as if you are only trying to make a sale.

When other users share your products and services on social media, it means that you are also spreading the word about your company quickly and efficiently. It is also through email marketing that even your former clients can continue to share your blogs and content on their social media pages. Just make sure you offer them your best blog posts. As a result, new people will be heading to check your website and it means additional potential clients and that equals to added revenue.

4. Connect with your target audience 24/7.

Investing in email marketing and marketing automation tools is also very convenient for your remodeling business because it allows you to connect with your target audience 24/7, without sending any of the individual emails by yourself.

All you have to do is to establish a campaign inside the tool of your choice, and it will send out personalized emails for you that will nurture your potential customers while you sleep.

According to some research, people are more likely to get back and read again their emails than any other means of communication. You will stay in their inbox reminding them to contact you as soon as they need your services.

5. Establish credibility with email marketing.

So now you now that you have to include links, content and other sources in your email marketing campaigns such as well as a clear call to action. Your goal here is to attract your readers and give them something that they will find relevant, useful and informative. It is not smart to have several links that will just lead them to your contact form.

So when you do link, make sure that you link to blogs that will capture the interest of your readers. For example, lead them to a DIY blog or your website page that shows the before and after photos of one of your best remodeling project. The bottom line is, you need to give them a reason why their time spent on your newsletter as well as your website is all worth it. More importantly, you need to give them a reason why getting the services of your remodeling company, and not anybody else’s, is a decision they should make.

In your email marketing strategy, the most important thing you need to bear in mind is that you show them that you are committed to helping them as consumers instead of overly promoting your business. Your emails should be focused on providing them something valuable and something that they will appreciate.

And if you want your previous, existing or potential customers to consider hiring you the next time they need their master suite remodeled or when they have a custom remodeling project done, you have to have an email marketing strategy set up right from the start. It does take time, but it’s worth your investment.


Tools to fix marketing remodeling company
Oct 09

How To Fix Your Marketing For Remodeling Company

By JNFA10Cs5gHZrlaELABDY0uEh | Marketing Plan

8 Things That Are Wrong With How You Are Marketing Remodeling Company

Running a remodeling company is not an easy task. And as the owner of the business, you have so much on your plate that your marketing, at times, will have to take a backseat to give way to everything else that you have to take care of. And even if you use the same marketing techniques, it is easy to make mistakes especially when you are not particular about the details of your marketing plan. The good thing is that you can learn from your mistakes and you have the chance to rectify them to make sure that your efforts make the greatest impact to your business.

If you have gone a long way in your marketing, the good news is you don’t have to start from scratch. The important thing is that you have a firm grasp on what you exactly need to do because marketing is more than just presenting and advertising your company and getting more exposure for it.

If you want to achieve good results from marketing your remodeling company, here are some of the mistakes that you need to correct.

1. You don’t have a website.

Despite the transition of many businesses to digital marketing, there are still many companies today who do not have a website yet. If your remodeling company is one of these, you are missing out on a lot. One of the very first places that people go to when looking for the services of construction companies is the internet. And creating a website for your business does not have to cost a lot. You can have your own site set up at a very affordable cost. You can try companies like GoDaddy, Weebly, Wix, and many others.

2. You have a website but you spend only on the design and not the content.

One of the most important things about marketing for remodeling companies is that your remodeling website has a pleasant and attractive design, but that is not enough. People visit your website to look for just one thing – and that is the reason why they should hire you as a remodeling company. So what you need to do is to make your website effective enough to convert potential customers to clients. As to how you can do it, aside from investing in your design, you need to clearly show them what makes you unique and why they should hire you instead of others, and you can make use of your content, blogs, etc. You also need to have the proof through testimonials and customer reviews.

3. You have a very slow response time.

Your response time is crucial for your internet leads. You have to know that a significant percentage of sales go to the companies who are first to respond to their customer’s queries. So if a potential client makes a query to your company whether it be through your website, email or social media accounts, you need to make sure that you have a designated team who will ensure that responses are made immediately. You can’t keep potential customers waiting or they will just go somewhere else.

4. You don’t maximize your social media accounts while marketing remodeling company.

Today, social media channels are widely used by many companies for marketing their brands, and if you have a social media account for your business, it will be best if you maximize its use to reach a wider range of audience and prospects. It is not enough that you post updates on your social profiles. You need to maximize it by leading your audience back to your website. You also need to be responsive and encourage active engagement with your followers. Be proactive in asking them to participate directly by encouraging them to like or share your posts. Also, make sure that the updates you post are provided on a regular and consistent basis.

5. You are too focused on SEO instead of providing valuable content to your audience.

While it is very important to rank on the first page of the Google Search results, this does not guarantee that your website visitors will convert to clients, especially when your website does not have the substance to engage your audience. Driving traffic to your website is only useful if your site has valuable and useful content to offer. So make sure that you write content that will make people want to read. Know your audience well and find out what will interest them, and what they will want to learn from you as a remodeling company. These things are the topics that you should write about.

6. You fail to track results.

Even if you employ effective marketing techniques, they will mean nothing if you do not track the results. This is one of the most common mistakes that many businesses make. If you do not track, you won’t be able to figure out which of the various marketing tactics you have actually worked. It means that you will just end up doing the same things again and spending money for the same things when there are only a few that actually work. In short, your failure to track means that you are throwing your money away. It is also by tracking that you can figure out whether there are things you need to correct. There are online tools that can help you track the results of your marketing efforts; for your website, you can use Google Analytics.

7. You don’t research what your competitors are doing with their marketing.

If you don’t find out what your competitors are doing, you won’t be able to figure out what’s working for them. Keeping tabs on your competitors is not a bad thing. Try to look for the similar businesses that are doing well and figure out what their best practices are. You can even learn from the mistakes they made in the past and how they have recovered. Whatever you can learn can be applied to your own company if you pay close attention to the tactics they have used.

8. You hire the wrong marketing people for marketing remodeling company.

This is a very common mistake especially of the business owners who are too busy to pay attention to marketing their remodeling business. If you think you can just hire any expert, you could be wasting your money, unless the one you are hiring has a complete understanding of what remodeling is and what marketing is. You may just be hiring website builders who don’t even comprehend what your marketing goals are. If you think you need to outsource the job, you need to hire people who really know what marketing is all about and know how to market a construction business specifically.


There could be many other things that you may be doing wrong in marketing remodeling company but these are the few ones that you need to revisit as soon as possible. If your company offers top-notch construction services, you need to market it the way so that people can find you.  
Marketing Remodeling Project
Oct 06

How To Market Your Last Remodeling Project With These Simple Ideas

By JNFA10Cs5gHZrlaELABDY0uEh | Content Marketing

Use These Simple Marketing Ideas To Showcase Your Remodeling Projects

As a contractor, you employ marketing efforts to ensure that your business continuously generates leads and convert them into sales. However, not all techniques and strategies you incorporate in your marketing plan produce impressive results. If this is what’s happening now, perhaps it is about time that you try something new. If the same old tactics do not work anymore or they do not necessarily translate to your desired results, then you need to change certain things. Quoting from Thomas Jefferson “If you want something you have never had, you must do something you have never done.”

It may be easier said than done but you may need to start with some small changes first. You do not really have to do an overhaul in your marketing plan in a snap of a finger. For example, you may want to change how you showcase your latest remodeling project. Instead of doing the same old routine you do to market them, why don’t you try a different and fresh approach and see how it works for your business.

Here are some marketing ideas to help you showcase your recent remodeling projects.

1. Use videos to showcase your last remodeling project.

The use of videos in digital marketing is increasing each day. While blogs and articles are still very effective to drive website traffic, videos are an excellent way to keep your audience engaged. For your remodeling projects, it will be great if you roll the cameras and post video testimonials of your clients who were very satisfied with your company. It is essential to make the segments as brief as possible; a minute or two will do. You don’t want to lengthen these video testimonials because your audience may not just finish watching it. Make sure to make it sound casual, and fun and interesting at the same time. Also, don’t forget to include your contact information so that viewers can take note of them.

These videos should not only be posted on your site. It will be a lot better if you have them posted on your social media accounts, especially Facebook where there are 1 billion of active users daily. You just can’t miss this chance to be seen and get more exposure for your remodeling business so make sure to share them on Facebook, too.

2. Make a time-lapse portfolio of your remodeling projects.

Most of the remodeling companies post the before and after photos of their projects. While this can still be done and it can be effective for some, it will be a lot better and be engaging if you create a time-lapse portfolio of your remodeling project. Time-lapse videos are entertaining to watch because it allows the viewers to see how the entire project was finished without taking so much of their time. It gives your potential clients a better visibility and understanding of the processes involved in the remodeling project.

3. Leverage on Instagram.

Instagram is another popular social media platform for sharing videos and photos. So aside from the video testimonials and time-lapse video you will be creating, Instagram is a good place for you to showcase your remodeling platform through attractive and stunning photos. Users in Instagram are easily captivated by photos that are well taken. So when you take before and after photos of your remodeling project, make sure that you are using a high-end camera and not a simple mobile camera phone with poor resolution. What you are posting may just be photos but that is why you need to make sure they are high-quality images.

When posting photos for potential clients, it will help if you gravitate towards pops of color because it easily catches the eyes of the viewers. Bright colors are more attractive and are engaging so choose the ones that are more saturated than dull.

You can also use Instagram to direct your audience to your website by posting your site URL in your bio page which you can find at the top of your profile. Or better yet, put there the direct link to your remodeling projects page as you can just have it changed as frequently as you like.

4. Gather feedback from your clients after the project is finished.

To further promote your recently finished remodeling project, you can get your clients to share how satisfied they are with their remodeled kitchen, living room, bedroom, and so on. Ask them how it has changed or has taken their lifestyle to a whole new level. The goal here is for you to make your readers know and understand that remodeling a house or some areas of the house is not only meant to make it look more appealing or more beautiful. Rather, remodeling is done to make living more enjoyable, convenient and comfortable to a family.

5. Pay to promote only your best projects.

You may already be allocating a huge chunk of your marketing budget to your other strategies, but you may want to consider spending a little to promote your best projects. For example, you can advertise using Facebook ads so that you can get more exposure for your remodeling projects and your brand as a whole. You cannot just let that rockstar project get forgotten and fade away. By doing this, it’s like you are giving a second shot to one of your project highlights.

If you have been noticing that the marketing efforts you put into your business are not generating the results you desire, there is no better time to do something about it than now. You just can’t keep on doing the same things if you want to see improvement and progress in your business. You must be brave to try out something new because who knows, these changes are all that you need to help you take your marketing to a whole new level. Take tiny but specific steps so that you can move towards the success you have always wanted to achieve.

Google Adwords for Remodelers
Oct 04

The Pros and Cons of Google Adwords for Remodeling Companies

By JNFA10Cs5gHZrlaELABDY0uEh | Paid Advertising

Why Remodeling Companies Should Advertise With Google

Google Adwords has its pros and cons and if you are a remodeling company looking to get more clients, you need to understand how this advertising method works and how you can benefit from it. You already know various tools and methods you can use to market your business. However, small businesses cannot afford to spend much money on marketing. Thanks to the internet, now you have a lot more opportunities to advertise your business at a low cost.

Google Adwords is an advertising system where companies or advertisers bid on certain keywords so that their ads display in Google’s search results. If people, who are searching for the type of services your company offers, use certain types of keywords then you use those keywords to create an ad that will show up in their search results. This type of advertising is useful for small businesses because it gives you the chance to level with the big and established companies without investing a lot of money.

However, deciding what is the best way to promote your company and invest money can be difficult. If you want to make sure that you’re  spending money in the right place, here are some pros and cons you need to weigh and see if Google Adwords campaign will be worth your investment.

Benefits Of Using Google Adwords For Remodeling Companies

1. Google Adwords doesn’t require big investments.

With Adwords, you are the one who has the power to set your own budget. If you are just starting out with your remodeling company, you can start with a low budget first. This is also good if you are still trying it out or experimenting if it will work for your business. The only time you need to pay is when people click on your ads, but if they don’t, then Google doesn’t charge you anything.

Pay per click is usually inexpensive if you choose the right keywords with low competition you can pay one click only $1 to $2. Do thorough keyword research before you start and it will pay off!

2. Google Adwords is easy to set up.

Any business owner would find Google Adwords easy to use. Google provides several easy and helpful tools and materials to guide those who are interested in this paid advertising method. There is the Google Keyword Planner that will help you identify the most effective words and phrases that will fit your campaign. There are also plenty of blogs on the internet that can serve as a guide to those who want to Adwords. It does not have to be very complicated even if you are not someone who is used to digital marketing. It is pretty basic and you can do a little experimenting and learn from mistakes.

3. You will get the best kind of exposure with Google Adwords.

If you have just launched your website, it may be a little difficult for you to land on higher rankings in the search results. But when you try out Google Adwords, your remodeling company will be getting the best kind of exposure it can get because it will be displayed at the top of the most popular websites. That is why if you are just starting out with your business, advertising your company through Google Adwords could be worth it.

4. You can customize your target audience in Google Adwords.

As a remodeling company, there are certain people who are more likely going to convert when they click on your ads and you want to make sure that these are the ones that your ads will be able to reach. Of course, you don’t want to spend the money on people who are never going to remodel their homes. The good news is that Google Adwords gives you the option to reach the people who will be interested in your services. If you did your homework and have identified your target market, you can pretty much have more control and make sure that you get the best value for your money.

Downsides Of Using Google AdWords For Remodeling Companies

1. You can easily overspend with your Google Adwords campaign.

While Google Adwords can be a good investment, it can also be a waste of your money, time and effort if you don’t pay much attention and put effort into it. You need to make sure you are keeping an eye on your campaign to ensure that you are not wasting your money, and not spending more than what you are supposed to. If you don’t research your target audience and keywords they use, you might attract the wrong audience on your website and pay each time they click on your ad in their search results.

2. You can expect tough competition.

Because Google is one of the most popular search engines, you will not the only one advertising your company in Google. There are a lot of other businesses that pay for their exposure in this prominent search engine, some of them even have higher budgets and can afford more than you can. It means that you are also going to compete with all other remodeling companies, big and small, who are investing in Adwords just like you.

3. You need to monitor spending with Google Adwords.

When you advertise your remodeling company in Google Adwords, there is a good chance that your budget for this paid ad is going to increase. That is because whenever you log in, it will prompt you with a notification that tells you how many more clicks you will get when you expand your budget. And when you don’t keep an eye on how much you are already investing, you might just end up spending more money on something that is not really converting into actual customers.

4. Don’t expect a miracle from Google Adwords.

You cannot just rely on Adwords to do all the advertising for you. The only thing that Adwords can do for you is to get you more clicks and drive more traffic to your website. And when people get to your site, that’s another job for you to do. You still need to pay close attention to your SEO. You need to make sure your website offers your audience quality, valuable and useful content. It is still your job to keep your momentum by making sure you have good SEO and produce good content on a regular basis.


These pros and cons are just meant to let you better understand how Google Adwords works and how you can make the most out of it for your remodeling company. It does not mean that it is not worth trying at all – it is. The only thing you need to ensure is that you constantly monitor how you advertise your business here so that you don’t end up wasting your money. And if you are not sure if it will work for you, you can start with a very small campaign especially if you have a small business at the moment. And along the way, if you are beginning to see desired results, you can start optimizing and leveling up your campaign later.

Rank higher
Sep 29

7 Small Steps To Construct Your Way Up In Google Rankings


How To Rank Higher In Google

A few years ago, when people think about improving and remodeling their homes, they would usually go and refer to remodeling magazines to find the design that would suit their taste. And then, once they decide how they want their remodeled house to look like, they will turn the yellow pages to find the contact information of the contractor near them or the ones referred to them by friends and family.But that was before. Today, the reason why construction companies have a promising potential to get more leads from their website is that the very first place that people go to in search of a remodeling company they will do business with is the internet. This is why it is only imperative that as a construction company, you pay attention to the details of your website and how it can land on higher rankings in Google search results.Search engine optimization or SEO is the method used by websites to make sure they get ranked high by Google. But since SEO algorithms change almost every time, it is important to make sure that you know the changes you need to implement on your website so as to continue to generate more leads and increase the revenue of your business.

But that was before.Today, the reason why construction companies have a promising potential to get more leads from their website is that the very first place that people go to in search of a remodeling company they will do business with is the internet. This is why it is only imperative that as a construction company, you pay attention to the details of your website and how it can land on higher rankings in Google search results.Search engine optimization or SEO is the method used by websites to make sure they get ranked high by Google. But since SEO algorithms change almost every time, it is important to make sure that you know the changes you need to implement on your website so as to continue to generate more leads and increase the revenue of your business.

Today, the reason why construction companies have a promising potential to get more leads from their website is that the very first place that people go to in search of a remodeling company they will do business with is the internet. This is why it is only imperative that as a construction company, you pay attention to the details of your website and how it can land on higher rankings in Google search results.Search engine optimization or SEO is the method used by websites to make sure they get ranked high by Google. But since SEO algorithms change almost every time, it is important to make sure that you know the changes you need to implement on your website so as to continue to generate more leads and increase the revenue of your business.

Search engine optimization or SEO is the method used by websites to make sure they get ranked high by Google. But since SEO algorithms change almost every time, it is important to make sure that you know the changes you need to implement on your website so as to continue to generate more leads and increase the revenue of your business.

Here are some helpful points that will significantly help your construction company in terms of Google rankings.

1. Identify your top search keywords.

When it comes to SEO, keywords play a very important role. When you identify the top keywords used by internet users when they look for the services of your construction company, you can focus on these words and phrases when you create your content. As much as possible, your topics should revolve around these keywords. There are some tools that you can use to make this step easy, like the Google Keyword Planner, WordStream, and a lot more.

2. Optimize your headings.

Optimizing your heading means that you write it in such a way that is easy for Google to read and understand. To make this happen, your headings should convey a clear message, it should contain your important keywords and should be tagged accordingly using H1, H2 and H3 tags. This is something you must do on every single web page on your website.

3. Optimize your content to rank higher in Google.

Optimizing your content means that you incorporate your top keywords in throughout the body of your text. However, you need to be careful not to overdo this because there is also such a thing called keyword stuffing, which means that you shove as many keywords as you can into your page. While this technique used to work before, it is now considered a violation and Google penalizes websites who do this.

4. Pay attention to your web pages and not just the website.Remember that Google does not rank websites, but it ranks

Remember that Google does not rank websites, but it ranks web pages. It means that you need to make sure that you focus more on making each of your page relevant. To make it happen, try to avoid including too many topics on a single page. For example, you want to feature your services in your remodeling company. Instead of putting them all together on one page, why don’t you make one page for each of your services? This way, you can give more emphasis to the keywords and phrases related to each of your services.

5. Optimize your images for Google search.

Your content and your headline are not the only things you can optimize, because yes, you can do that with your images, too. If you are using WordPress, make sure that you rename the description of your image instead of just using the default one. And then, you have to tell Google what your image is about through adding an image alt-tag. You have to be detailed about it because Google uses an algorithm and it does not see what your image looks like. Lastly, make sure that your image file size is not too big. You don’t want your web page to take forever to load so make sure that your image size is only under 100KB.

6. Add links to your content.

When you add links to your web pages, it makes your site more credible and original. However, you also have to be very selective with the links you are adding. If you choose good and reliable websites, then it is good for your site. One of the factors that Google considers when ranking a page is the authority of your site, and you can further establish this through linking. One thing though, you need to be aware of link-building scams. There are some websites who buy links and those who get caught get penalized by Google.

7. Leverage on your social media accounts.

Using your social media accounts actually does not have a direct impact on your website rankings. And even if you have hundreds or thousands of followers, Google does not really value social media engagement; it used to, but not anymore. However, there are some advantages that your construction company can get if you are actively engaged in social media. Remember that Google’s attention is caught by websites that are relevant and authoritative, and it means that if your site is heavily cited in various social media channels, Google will quickly notice you and will get you indexed on the search results.

Your remodeling company has many excellent opportunities on the internet when it comes to generating more leads and converting these leads into sales. That is why your website is one of the most important marketing tools you should pay attention to. If you work on these little improvements and changes on your site and include these helpful SEO practices, you have a good chance of increasing where your website shows up in the search results. And as a business owner, there is no better time to take action than now. It won’t take a lot of your marketing budget but it can be very rewarding.
Remodeling websites
Sep 27

How To Remodel Your Website For Lead Generation

By JNFA10Cs5gHZrlaELABDY0uEh | Content Marketing , SEO

5 Steps To The Remodeling Website That Generates Leads

There are just so many remodeling companies across the world who claim to be experts when it comes to advertising and generating leads for their business. However, the numbers just don’t show it. And no matter how brilliant and amazing their ideas are, these concepts just don’t translate into results. As a home improvement company, if you are delivering great services, you should also be able to market your expertise on your remodeling website.

Having a well-built website is crucial to achieving success as a remodeling company, considering the tough competition in the market. While traditional marketing methods are still being used, they may not be as effective anymore as they used to. That’s basically the reason why you need to pay more attention to the details of your website if you want it to be effective in generating leads and producing your desired results.

And because great websites are more than just how they look, here are the essential components your remodeling website needs to have.

1. Always include contact information on your website.

When people look for the services of your remodeling company, they will refer to your website to make sure that they are doing business with someone who is not only affordable but is also reliable and credible. These elements should be found on your website. While a good design and appearance are critical, you need to show people the kind of company they are hiring.

This is something that you can do by having your name and address on your site. Make sure that you don’t hide your physical address as well as your phone number because these are vital information for your potential customers to contact you. Also, make sure that you put a face to your business by adding a logo that will represent your company. And then, work on your “About Me” page and make sure that it highlights the specific services that you offer as a company, how long you have been in the industry, and your awards and accomplishments if there’s any.

2. Don’t forget to show amazing work you’ve done.

When it comes to photo gallery, what you should have is not just any other photo galleries you can find in any other remodeling websites. You need to make yours really amazing so that you will be able to stand out from the rest. Having useful and entertaining content is very helpful but people will always want to see photos, and this is your chance to capture their attention. You need to take note that photos are not the only things they want to take a look at; they want to see the projects you have completed as a remodeling company.

So how do you make your portfolio look amazing? First, you need to make sure that you post high-quality photos. And when taking photos of your finished projects, you need to make sure that high-end cameras are used instead of low-resolution cell phone cameras. Poor quality images will also reflect the quality of your work, so if you don’t succeed in this aspect, you can’t expect more business from your potential clients. Also, be very selective in the photos that you will be posting on your website. Make sure they are appropriate and not ugly to look at.

3. Write compelling content and blog posts.

As a remodeling company, you need to include blogs and valuable content on your website. Blogging is very effective in driving business and Google loves blogs, especially when you are consistently and regularly posting them. Aside from landing on higher ranks in the search results, your blogs can come in handy if you want to give your audience something they will find useful and valuable like some tips and tricks they can apply when improving their homes. This is also an excellent way to highlight the projects you have just recently finished.

If you want to increase your website traffic as well as improve your conversion, make sure your blogging is done frequently or at least once a week. Also increase your exposure by making sure that they are shared in your social media accounts. And one more thing that you should not forget is your CTA or your call-to-action. You need to tell your website guests what you want them to do, and an example is placing a button that allows them to make a call to your company for inquiries.

4. Always include testimonials and proofs.

You need to build your credibility as a remodeling company and your website can be one of the best places for you to do this. Earn your potential customers’ trust by giving them more proof in the form of testimonials and customer feedback. In most remodeling websites, these testimonials are posted in the form of videos and write-ups, and you can have these, too. Just make sure that they are not too long because your audience might just get bored and not finish watching or reading the testimonials.

5. Explain your process.

Most people who are looking for the services of a remodeling company may not be very familiar with the process or the steps that they have to go through when it comes to hiring contractors, and you can be of help to them through your website. When you make them understand how you are going to help them and provide your services, it will be easier for you to earn their trust, so consider including it on your site.

If you have already created your site and you don’t find these elements in it, don’t worry because you still have a chance to make it better. All you need to do is to take it one step at a time when you start working on these components, and you will be on your way to increasing your web presence. It may not be perfect at first but now is the best time to start working on an online presence that you could use as one of your best assets for your remodeling company. If you have already created your site and you don’t find these elements in it, don’t worry because you still have a chance to make it better. All you need to do is to take it one step at a time when you start working on these components, and you will be on your way to increase your web presence. It may not be perfect at first but now is the best time to start working on an online presence that you could use as one of your best assets for your remodeling company.